Swedish medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra has introduced a new diagnostic IT module for genomics within molecular pathology.

Developed in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania Health System, US, the new genomic information solution is a part of the company’s enterprise imaging solution.

The new IT tool enables hospitals to predict how an individual cancer patient may respond to different treatments based on genomic information, without using diagnostic images.

It is planned to be integrated with Sectra’s other solutions for radiology and pathology and will have the potential to significantly impact patient care.

Sectra genomics IT business unit general manager Fredrik Lysholm said: “An IT solution that efficiently allows healthcare providers to handle genomic sequencing marks a significant step forward for the adoption of personalized medicine. It will enable more patients to benefit from individually tailored treatments.

“Working to tailor a solution for genomic data that really fits the needs of a molecular pathology department underscores our commitment to advancing precision medicine, revolutionizing how we approach healthcare, particularly in cancer treatment.

“I look forward to further developing the product to ensure improved and continuous support for cancer diagnostics in the future.”

According to the company, genomics, the analysis of genetic information is being increasingly used in healthcare to better diagnose and treat patients.

Individualized care based on, among other data, genetic information is often referred to as precision medicine and is a rapidly growing field.

Sectra said that its new solution will help healthcare professionals analyse genetic information to enhance and speed up cancer diagnostics.

The new genomic information module will relieve IT burdens on the health system and enable them to fully harness the potential of genomic data.

It is now commercially available in the US, with the University of Pennsylvania Health System being the first to implement it.

The IT solution is fully integrated with the medical record system at Pennsylvania Health System, with Sectra taking full responsibility for the maintenance of the solution.