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Today’s healthcare providers are faced with the almost impossible task of increasing the standard of care afforded to each patient, while reducing the operational costs associated with providing this improved level of care. The care delivered throughout a healthcare facility is crucial to patient outcomes; from the emergency department through to outpatient operations, encompassing wound care, critical care and clinical care at the bedside..

e-Care, which spans the entire spectrum of patient care, is also a rapidly growing area, and one that healthcare professionals are embracing not only to improve the standard of care in areas including medication administration and patient education, but also to reduce spending. Throughout a patient’s stay in a medical facility, clinicians are faced with inevitable challenges including staff management and education, infection control and equipment failure.

Practical Patient Care is published specifically to provide medical practitioners and senior managers with the information they need in order to deliver successful care management strategies that will allow them to achieve their objective of improving patient care at a reduced cost.