V-VEIL-UP PRODUCTION is a European company registered in EUDAMED as producer of Medical Devices, Systems and Kit Producers that manufactures and sells the best patented self-sampling veil to detect HPV. The company was established in 2019 and runs under Romanian and EU laws. We produce and distribute an innovative self-sampling Medical Device for women, called V-Veil UP2 Vaginal Veil Collector, used to carry out laboratory tests for HPV and BTS. V-Veil UP2 is produced according EN ISO13485:2016 in an ISO8 certified facility, and it is registered in EUDAMED and Romanian National Agency of Medicine and Medical Devices (NAMMD).

Veils come in 2 different size option: 14mm and 28 mm

V-Veil UP2 – Vaginal Veil Collector

During gynaecological examinations, some women feel embarrassed, for various reasons, including cultural or religious values; others may experience physical discomfort or pain, while many women just don’t have enough time to make a doctor visit a priority, since their life agenda is pretty loaded. In this context, V-Veil-UP Production launched V-Veil UP2, a self-sampling veil for the detection of HPV and STDs. The product is simple and safe, respects the privacy of all women while also offers unequalled efficiency: it doubles the detection capacity of genomes, compared with conventional methods – according to a study conducted by Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris, while the concept has been tested, validated and approved by the hospital’s professor, Laurent Belec.

Vaginal Veil Collector “V-Veil UP2” is a class I, non-sterile, UVC disinfected medical device used to collect secretions, various fluids and substances found in the vaginal cavity and cervix, for diagnosis by laboratory tests. The self-sampling V-Veil UP2 Collector has twice the ability to detect HPV-HR by multiplex real-time PCR, compared to the standard swab sampling.

V-Veil UP2 veils have multiple patent applications and patents pending on several continents and are used WORLDWIDE by a PCR machine manufacturer.

KIT4 is the most popular solution we offer, as it contains everything needed for home testing

V-Veil UP2 Advantages

The use of V-VEIL UP2 decreases the total cost by 35-50%, compared with Endocervical Swab Method.

You will not need: sterile disposable vaginal retractor; 2 pairs of gloves for installation and after cleaning; 1 pair of gloves for the examination; 1 full set of disposable clothes for specialist; 1 Swab or brush.

You will only need: 1 HPV UP2 Veil; 1 Sterile transport tube, and both are included in our Kit.

We offer multiple KITS options, to suit various needs

V-VEIL UP2 Veil Collector also reduces the time expenses, as you will only need 1-2 min. to write and sign a prescription.

You will not need: Administrative procedures and samples sending time (10-15min); Preparing & disinfecting the gynaecological examination table before and after testing (6-10min); Actual testing plus doctor-patient discussions (8- 12min); The cancerous genome can be detected up to twice more with V-Veil UP2 Daily number of HPV tests can be increased with V-VEIL UP2 The patient appreciates a sampling method that respects her privacy.

The company offers multiple kit solutions, making sure its product is suitable for all national cervical cancer detection campaigns. Hence, its kits are:

  • very practical for NGOs that organise HPV screening campaigns
  • an excellent solution for Muslim communities, since the sample can be taken by the woman alone or accompanied (by a midwife, for ex.)
  • the only self-testing system with scientific studies that show such good results, with or without a doctor.

V-Veil UP2 proves to be an excellent solution for laboratories, as well, since the kit can be used with 15ml tubes, directly with preanalytical robots, if the UP2 retrofitter is used.

UP2 Retrofitter in World Premiere

V-Veil Up Production has added to its portfolio the new patent pending UP2 Retrofitter, for the Vaginal Veil Collector V-Veil UP2, to meet the need of laboratories who must have security and simplicity in their sample processing.

The self-sampling V-Veil UP2 Vaginal Veil Collector can be used with 15 ml tube, directly with preanalytical robot in laboratory. The UP2 Retrofitter creates free empty space, in which the pipette or the cannula of the robot can be easily introduced. (Once approved, the retrofitter will be provided in our Kit) Laboratories take advantage of a faster and more economic solution, while also being safe, as there’s no contamination.

Picture taken at Hospital Pompidou Paris, using NIMBUS of AMILTON machine

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The manufacturing facility is in Romania and has a production capacity of 20 mil./year and we can further scale our production capacity. We own and control the entire chain: R&D, application development, production, quality control, sales, marketing and logistics.

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