Renowned for our flagship product, LIGASANO®, we excel in creating effective polyurethane foam wound dressings.

LIGASANO® stands out for its advanced ability to foster great healing conditions through wound cleansing, promoting tissue regeneration and preventing wounds. For over 40 years we have used our experiences and expertise to continually adapt our products to fit for every use case. Used for many wound types, e.g. diabetic ulcer, leg ulcer, pressure ulcer, burns, post-surgical wounds, fungal infections and many more. LIGASANO® is the all-rounder for wounds and made in Germany.

LIGASANO® is a polyurethane wound dressing. LIGASANO® white, orange and green can be used for different parts of wound treatment due to its structure.


LIGASANO® comes in several shapes and sizes. Suited for every body part und wound type we create products that simply work for you.

Colour-coded wound cleansing

Especially suited for cleansing wounds, we created the LIGASANO® wound cleansing sponges. Available in the three LIGASANO® colours white, green, and orange, we use a colour-coded precision approach. The white sponge, with its gentle texture, is effective yet delicate, ideal for sensitive wounds. The orange variant, designed for moderate cleansing, strikes a balance between thorough debris removal and patient comfort. The green sponge, with its robust structure, excels in intensity, making it suitable for more challenging wound scenarios. This innovative colour-coded system simplifies the selection process, offering healthcare professionals tailored solutions to meet specific wound cleansing needs and adapt to the patient. LIGASANO® transforms wound care into a personalised, efficient, and patient-friendly experience.

Our LIGASANO® wound cleansing sponges are available in three different versions, suited for different types and quantities of wound coatings.

Simply effective wound treatment

Wound treatment with LIGASANO® is defined mainly by two things: it is as simple as it can be and it is suited to almost every wound and patient. LIGASANO® white can be used for all types of wounds and wound stages, except tumour wounds. Various geneses are for example chronic wounds, pressure ulcer, burns, pre- and postoperative wound treatment and many more. LIGASANO® is available in sterile and non-sterile versions.

But how does LIGASANO® white work? The rapidly falling pressure tension of LIGASANO® white reduces the pressure on the wound, promotes granulation and reduces the counter pressure on the newly formed granulation tissue. The mechanical stimulus, due to the structure of the dressing, promotes blood circulation and activates self-cleaning. Since only excess exudate is absorbed, LIGASANO® white does not dry out the wound. Depending on the thickness of the material, it creates an intermittent negative pressure.

LIGASANO® green and LIGASANO® orange can also be used for wound treatment to cover or fill wounds. A collapse of wounds under the influence of external pressure or suction, e.g. in active wound drainage or NPWT, is counteracted.

LIGASANO® can be left on the wound up to three days. It promotes wound healing even for chronic wounds.

Adaptive wound prophylaxis

Whether positioning for pressure relief, intertrigo prophylaxis or relapse prophylaxis: LIGASANO® works simple and effective. The rapidly falling pressure tension of LIGASANO® white allows a nearly consistent distribution of the contact pressure and thus avoidance of dreaded pressure peaks. LIGASANO® white, LIGASANO® orange and LIGASANO® green are easy to cut. Thus arise by the ingenuity of the nursing staff adapted positioning aids such as rollers, wedges, heel shoes, etc. It is also available pre-cut, e.g. as heel shoe, finger spreaders, padding of catheters etc. for even faster usage.

The mechanical stimulus of LIGASANO® white promotes peripheral blood circulation during skin contact, increasing the pressure resistance of the patient. Sweat is absorbed, thus normal skin moisture and in conjunction with the mechanical stimulus also skin care. The preservation of the physiological skin environment is supported.

With a suitable thickness, LIGASANO® does not wrinkle, a further pressure ulcer risk is effectively prevented. The patient is always stored directly on the skin on LIGASANO® white, without intermediate layer.

LIGASANO® green and LIGASANO® orange promote wound healing in sterile application by cleansing, covering or filling wounds or in non-sterile application as a secondary dressing (without direct wound contact) in wound treatment or in concomitant wound treatment, e.g. for pressure relief, or preventively as pressure and friction protection.

Positioning with LIGASANO® can be adapted to the size and weight of the patient. From big plates for the whole body, to small size for e.g. the ears.

LIGASANO® in veterinary medicine

LIGASANO® can not only be used in human wound treatment, but as effective also in veterinary wound treatment. LIGASANO® is excellently suited for the treatment of all stages of the wound and the prevention of horses, cattle, sheep, cats, dogs and wild animals.

It works the same way as the wound treatment described before: it reduces pressure on the wound, promotes granulation and absorbs excess exudate without drying out the wound.

From cat to cow, LIGASANO® is also used in veterinary medicine. It promotes the wound healing the same way as in humane medicine and can even be used to prevent wounds.

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