Inocras, a whole genome testing company, has forged a partnership with Massive Bio, a clinical trial matching platform provider, to advance cancer patient care.

The collaboration will combine the know-how of Inocras in bioinformatics and whole genome sequencing (WGS) with Massive Bio’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology for clinical trial matching.

Both the companies aim to enhance personalised care for patients with cancer.

The partnership intends to provide extensive genetic testing through WGS and support for clinical trial matching to both patients and healthcare providers.

Additionally, patients can be informed about future clinical trials without requiring additional genetic tests, owing to the comprehensive nature of the whole genome data, said the parties.

Advanced whole genome testing is a technology designed to detect rare and complex mutations that are often missed by traditional genetic tests.

Inocras is said to have introduced a user-friendly digital platform to simplify access to whole genome testing for cancer patients and their providers.

Inocras chief strategy officer Rebecca Jang said: “Given the historically burdensome task of finding suitable clinical trials for cancer patients, partnering with Massive Bio is paramount.

“Our robust biomarker data will be further enriched by Massive Bio’s capabilities, facilitating more precise patient matching with effective clinical trials.”

Massive Bio is creating a global network in oncology/haematology to transform patient recruitment at scale. The network will include over 120,000 patients, 5,000 physicians, 40 pharma, and contract research organisation (CRO) customers, and 50 partners.

The clinical trial matching platform provider has developed a real-time, AI-driven platform called Synergy-AI for analysing and summarising vast medical records.

According to Massive Bio, the oncology/haematology network will enable the instant matching of patients with over 14,000 clinical trials.

Massive Bio chief financial officer Toygun Onaran said: “We are setting a new standard in cancer care, emphasising a data-driven and patient-centric approach by harnessing the power of AI and cutting-edge genomic testing to increase access for cancer patients benefiting from precision medicine.”

Recently, Massive Bio expanded its partnership with clinical trial search platform Un Ensayo Para Mi to increase access to oncology clinical trials in Latin America.