Oncology solutions provider Massive Bio and Mika Health, a platform for oncology digital therapeutics, have joined forces to expand patient access to cancer treatment and clinical trials.

The collaboration aims to enhance access to psycho-oncology services, next-generation sequencing (NGS) biomarker testing, and participation in clinical trials across the US and Europe.

It will combine Mika Health’s personalised oncology Digital Therapeutic and Massive Bio’s platform.

Mika Health utilises artificial intelligence (AI)-based digital therapeutic solutions for tailored psychotherapy, management of symptoms, interception of side effects, and educational support for patients.

On the other hand, Massive Bio’s AI technology is designed to simplify clinical trial enrolment, expanding access for patients to treatment options.

The combination will treat oncology-related fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, it will streamline timely access to suitable on-market or investigational treatments and necessary testing via Massive Bio’s platform.

Mika Health CEO and founder Gandolf Finke said: “Patients who are waiting to find and access a clinical trial or on-market treatment that is effective in treating their cancer face tremendous challenges in their physical and mental health. Comprehensive NGS biomarker testing can greatly reduce that wait time by identifying targeted therapies for which they are eligible but is grossly under-utilised.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Massive Bio to help more patients have more treatment options faster through improved access to genomic testing and matching to clinical trials that could save their lives – and to improve their experiences as they search for and access those treatments.”

Patients undergoing treatment on Mika Health’s Digital Therapeutic can participate in Massive Bio’s AI-driven clinical trial matching and NGS biomarker testing eligibility engine.

In addition, the oncology solutions provider will integrate Mika’s Digital Therapy into their cancer patient registry.

Massive Bio said that the integration will broaden the availability of complimentary digital psycho-oncology services.

Massive Bio co-founder and CEO Selin Kurnaz said: “By combining our AI expertise with Mika Health’s comprehensive Digital Therapy, we can significantly enhance cancer patient outcomes and experiences with the expanded access to innovative therapies and direly needed patient support.

“This collaboration not only addresses the immediate needs of patients but also bridges critical gaps in mental and physical health care during their treatment journey.”

In a similar development, Mika Health and Cancer Support Community (CSC) have forged a partnership on mental health and other critical support for patients and caregivers getting cancer therapies.

Both organisations will introduce a free, AI-enabled, evidence-based oncologic digital therapeutic in the US.