Canadian integrated healthcare company Generex Biotechnology has unveiled its plans to establish the NuGenerex Diabetes Research Center (NDRC) in collaboration with Arizona Endocrinology Group and Paradise Valley Family Medicine.

The partnership is aimed at providing integrated primary and speciality care, along with pharmacy services to approximately 65,000 patients, of which 25,000 are insulin-dependent diabetes patients.

Generex research and development executive vice president Richard Purcell said: “By establishing NuGenerex Diabetes Research Center with our partners at Arizona Endocrinology Group and Paradise Valley Family Medicine, we have a platform to relaunch the Oral-Lyn-2 clinical development program and to evaluate the safety and efficacy of ALTuCELL’s amazing microencapsulation technology and cellular implantation therapy that may have the potential to actually cure Type-1 diabetes.

“Furthermore, we have made a corporate commitment to data analytics, and the opportunities to utilize the real-world real-time, deidentified data sets from a large population of complex diabetes patients will enable us to identify best practices for patient-centric therapy that will improve outcomes and reduce the costs of diabetes care.”

NDRC helps evaluation of various educational initiatives to improve patient health

Generex said that the new NDRC is designed to focus on data analytics and clinical trial management to promote the clinical development of innovative medicines and therapeutic strategies for patients.

The NuGenerex Health partners will leverage a common electronic medical record to provide both prospective and retrospective analyses.

NDRC enables the virtual clinical research studies to evaluate compliance and predict outcomes with an integrated pharmacy record, and helps evaluation of various educational initiatives to improve patient health.

In addition, it accelerates the development of the Generex clinical pipeline that includes the reformulated Oral-Lyn-2 for Type-2 diabetes and Altsulin for the treatment of Type-1 diabetes. The clinical development programmes are planned to start in the first quarter of 2020.

Generex president and chief executive officer Joe Moscato said: “Once we establish the NDRC with our partners, and implement the research platform for our own products, Oral-Lyn-2 and AltsulinÒ, we will open up our diabetes research center of excellence to diabetes drug developers for clinical trials of promising new therapies.

“It is rare to have a clinical research team with twelve endocrinologists, four internal medicine physicians, and six primary care providers, and a population of about 40,000 patients with diabetes. Plus, we are in discussions with several additional primary care practices with over fifty providers that will provide access to an additional 150,000 patients who may benefit from clinical research opportunities.”