Insulin management software provider Glytec has unveiled its next-generation GlucoMetrics platform to provide hospitals and health systems with new insights into glycaemic outcomes.

GlucoMetrics is powered by data from Glytec’s eGlycemic Management System (eGMS), which is centred on Glucommander, a computer-directed algorithm for inpatient glucose management.

The eGMS is an EHR-integrated, HITRUST certified, cloud-based software solution that supports personalised insulin dosing decision support at the point of care.

The health technology company said that its new-generation GlucoMetrics comes with significant enhancements, including new analytics, dashboards, and visualisations.

The enhancements would enable glycaemic management committees and hospitals to access key performance indicators, trends, and benchmarks related to glycemia treatment.

The enhanced visibility into glycaemic outcomes helps hospitals as they prepare for new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) measures, said the company.

Glytec chief medical officer Jordan Messler said: “CMS is making it clear that hypoglycaemia related to insulin is largely preventable, and early treatment and optimal management of severe hyperglycaemia is a priority.

“Most hospitals have no way of easily looking across their facility to understand how effectively they’re managing patient blood sugars, and being able to look across an entire health system is even more rare.

“These enhancements to GlucoMetrics take a significant step towards providing the insight hospitals need to start asking – and answering – important questions.”

Glytec said that GlucoMetrics is pre-configured with six interactive dashboards that provide insights at both a macro and micro level.

GlucoMetrics Overview, Treated vs. Untreated, Blood Glucose Measurement Timeliness, Patient Stays, Patient Days, and Blood Glucose Values, include the six dashboards.

Equipped with advanced filters, the dashboards are said to classify the data based on time frame, facility, unit, treatment type and more, to provide granular details.

The tool allows users to easily export charts, tables, graphs, and data for further analysis, annotations, or distribution, and customise their experience.

Glytec said that the actionable insights delivered by its GlucoMetrics platform will provide hospitals and health systems with data required for internal benchmarking.

In addition, the platform will also provide clinical indicators to identify underperforming areas to help further improve patient outcomes.

Furthermore, Glytec said that it will add new features, functionality, and metrics to the GlucoMetrics platform, through quarterly updates.