Bruker Corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR), the global leader in X-ray diffraction, today announces the new D6 PHASERTM X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) system. The D6 PHASER is a new benchtop XRD platform designed with the analytical flexibility typically only available in larger, floor-standing systems. Unlike conventional, more limited benchtop XRD instruments, the D6 PHASER enables analytical methods that go beyond powder diffraction. With its wide range of capabilities, the D6 PHASER will enable more XRD applications for new markets and user communities.

Building on the success of the D2 PHASER, the D6 PHASER combines the functionality of the floor-standing D8 platform with an innovative benchtop design that includes high X-ray excitation power and a versatile set of X-ray optics. The Motorized Air Scatter Screen (MASS) enables Dynamic Beam Optimization (DBO) for optimum performance over the goniometer range. The D6 PHASER can be equipped with a range of sample stages for a large variety of X-ray diffraction applications, including capillary transmission, grazing incidence diffraction, X-ray reflectometry, residual stress, texture analysis, and non-ambient investigations. The DaVinci stage-interface allows swapping sample stages without realignment.

The patented D6 PHASER goniometer provides intrinsic angular accuracy of ≤0.01° over the 2θ range. With a touch on the integrated panel, the D6 PHASER automatically performs verification of angular accuracy.
The D6 PHASER offers the family of LYNXEYETM detectors. For the analysis of non-perfect powder samples, the user can select the patented Bragg2DTM method. The optional LYNXEYE XE-T detector offers proprietary suppression of Cu-Kß reflections without the usual constraints when using a Kß metal filter.

The versatile D6 PHASER combined with DIFFRAC.SUITETM software provides flexibility for automated push-button methods or to customize measurement configurations for optimized data quality. The D6 PHASER needs no external water cooling and has no special electrical requirements for convenience to bring versatile, high-performance XRD to any laboratory. Finally, the D6 PHASER complies with the latest radiation protection and machinery directives, and it is available as a GxP compliant solution.

Dr. Frank Burgaezy, President of the Bruker AXS Division, commented: “Offering unmatched benchtop capabilities, versatility, and a great user experience, the D6 PHASER is an innovative benchtop X-ray diffraction platform to help users answer today’s materials analysis questions and support tomorrow’s advanced materials discoveries.”

The D6 PHASER makes advanced XRD methods accessible for applied markets like clean energy.

Dr. Jan Vos, Researcher at Magneto Special Anodes stated: “We are heavily invested in the development of electrocatalytic coatings that will form the beating heart of the next generation of water electrolyzers in the green energy transition. Bruker’s new D6 PHASER platform will provide us with the extraordinary power, flexibility, and accuracy needed to push our coating development forward. We will have access to advanced X-ray techniques crucial for material science that were previously not available in a compact benchtop system. We are looking forward to creating a big push on the market, and the D6 PHASER will no doubt aid us greatly in making this possible.”