Fapon, a global leading life sciences company, is showcasing its comprehensive one-stop IVD solutions and sharing the latest industry insights with global IVD professionals at Medlab Middle East 2024 in Dubai, UAE, from Feb 5 to Feb 8. Dedicated to leveraging its cutting-edge technologies and vast industry experience, Fapon aims to support the growth of the local IVD industry, enhancing local healthcare services while strengthening its global diagnostics ecosystem.

During the exhibition, Fapon will present extensive one-stop solutions, emphasizing on applications such as CLIA, NGS, and PCR. Additionally, it will introduce a diverse range of high-performance core raw materials for disease diagnostics, catering to various diagnostic needs in the region, including HIV, diabetes, gastrointestinal infections, HCV, and HBV. Utilizing its robust IVD technology foundation, Fapon seamlessly integrates raw materials, reagent services, and open instrument platforms into comprehensive one-stop solutions, providing a reliable, flexible, and integrated approach to meet diverse needs for the local IVD partners.

Highlighting its one-stop CLIA solution, Fapon's exhibition will nonetheless feature the latest ultra-high throughput CLIA system, Shine i8000/9000, which is widely recognized for its efficiency and speedy results. This addition, complementing the existing Shine i1000 and Shine i2000, completes Fapon's instrument portfolio, provides a comprehensive range of high, medium, and low-throughput CLIA instruments. This ensures a more extensive and flexible range of choices for its IVD partners.

Committed to empowering local IVD companies and boosting the development of the local healthcare industry in the Middle East, Fapon has established a strategic partnership with the China Innovation Center (C.I.C.) at Dubai Chambers in 2023. This collaboration aims to introduce Fapon's innovative technologies, products, and services in diagnostics and therapeutics for the medical advancement of the local healthcare industry.

Looking ahead, Fapon will remain rooted in the local market in the Middle East, strengthening collaborations with local partners and enhancing healthcare services for the local region.