London, November 30, 2021 —Beckman Coulter today announced the European launch of the DxU Iris Workcell, a fully-automated system that streamlines urinalysis workflow and reduces manual microscopy.

A routine urinalysis is one of the most frequently-ordered tests, representing up to 30% of all samples received in the labiii iv. Many of these samples require a lab technician to perform manual inspection, resulting in workflow disruption and increase in workload. Whether it is to confirm the analyser’s findings or identify unique particle types, manual microscopic reviews are time-consuming and can take up to six times longer per sample than with an automated systemiv.

Automating the routine urinalysis workflow with the DxU Iris Workcell reduces sample subjectivity and variability, helping laboratories of all sizes standardise processes, drive faster turnaround time, and deliver high quality results.

“The pandemic has intensified the pressure on clinical laboratories,” said Dr Peter Soltani, senior vice president & general manager, haematology, urinalysis & workflow IT solutions at Beckman Coulter. “In this pressurised environment, manual reviews are particularly onerous because they are labour-intensive, taking time and focus away from scientific work. We designed the DxU Iris Workcell to allow urinalysis operators to automatically classify sediment particles, minimising the need for human intervention.” 

The DxU Iris Workcell pairs the DxU 850m Iris or DxU 840m Iris urine microscopy analyser with the DxU 810c Iris urine chemistry analyser to create a scalable, fully-automated urinalysis solution. The workcell was developed with proprietary Digital Flow Morphology technology with Auto-Particle Recognition (APR) Software to enable laboratories to deliver standardised results using AI.

“We know that it’s important to our customers that any new analyser they bring into the lab makes the workflow better and is easy to use with minimal maintenance,” said Jose Antonio Crespo Solans, Senior Director, EU Sales & Marketing. “With our industry-leading technology operators will be able to isolate, identify, and characterise urine particles to provide immediate, accurate, and reproducible results verified directly on the screen. And with our load-and-go walk away capabilities and EFR technology, we help to minimise operator intervention and interruptions.”

The DxU Iris solutions are designed for laboratories of all sizes; and offers several benefits, which include:

  • Intuitive software user interface allows the operator to comfortably navigate, access key reference information, and simplify training across multiple Beckman Coulter instruments
  • iWARE Integrated Urinalysis Software, standard on the analyser, that provides onboard validation and result verification into a single step, operator can improve efficiency of urinalysis testing and reduce manpower
  • Optional Load and Unload station that increases the capacity of racks for a total of 200 onboard samples to improve efficiency

To learn more about Beckman Coulter’s DxU Iris Workcell and other urinalysis solutions, visit the website at