Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the release of an on-deck thermal cycler (ODTC) that integrates with the Agilent Bravo NGS automated liquid handling platform. The optional ODTC accessory enables the Bravo platform to provide thermal cycling as part of an automated workflow for next-generation sequencing (NGS), end-point PCR, and cell-based applications.

An on-deck thermal cycler is critical in many genomics and molecular biology workflows. This optional accessory enables the Bravo NGS automated liquid handling platform to provide thermal cycling as part of an automated protocol and increases "walk-away" time, providing operators with more freedom to focus on higher-level tasks. This setup is beneficial, particularly for applications such as library preparation and target enrichment steps in NGS workflows.

"The on-deck thermal cycler enables more seamless workflows on Bravo NGS platforms by eliminating multiple touch points where users must remove a microplate from the Bravo deck and place it on an offline, third-party thermal cycling instrument," said Lars Kristiansen, general manager of Agilent’s Automation Solutions Business. "Adding an ODTC to the Bravo platform extends walk-away opportunities, improves performance, and enhances ease-of-use with preprogrammed protocols. This release supports our customers in high-throughput academic and service provider labs who want to improve productivity and reproducibility while maintaining workflow flexibility."

Kevin Kim, head of automation at Avellino Labs, added, "The Bravo with ODTC is a cost-effective and powerful addition to any lab that needs a solution with more walk-away time, smaller footprint, and direct pipetting into the thermal cycler, which is critical for temperature-sensitive assay steps."

Kevin Meldrum, general manager of Agilent’s Integrated Genomics Division, added, “With the ODTC on the Bravo, SureSelect users will have an enhanced experience while taking advantage of the flexibility and quality performance of the SureSelect XT HS2 chemistry.”

Agilent’s modular workflow solutions are designed to integrate easily and work together seamlessly. The Agilent Bravo NGS workstation with ODTC integrates with SureSelect reagents to provide an automated NGS solution that saves time and minimizes the burden of optimizing new automated assays while providing the flexibility to serve a broad range of application needs.