Abbott has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its latest optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging platform powered by its new Ultreon Software.

The new imaging software combines OCT with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide physicians with an enhanced view of coronary blood flow and blockages.

The US approval follows the recent CE Mark approval of the imaging platform in Europe.

Ultreon Software is designed to integrate Abbott’s new Dragonfly OpStar imaging catheter with PressureWire X guidewire.

The software enables physicians to assess coronary blood flow and blockages using a wide set of tools, and improve treatment planning for patients, said the company.

Abbott vascular business chief medical officer and global medical affairs divisional vice president Nick West said: “As cardiologists continue to adopt OCT and move away from traditional imaging methods such as angiography, emerging technologies are pivotal to determine the best course of patient care.

“AI enables Ultreon Software to automatically detect calcium and vessel diameters allowing doctors to put stents exactly where they are needed.”

According to Abbott’s annual study titled ‘Beyond Intervention’ physicians consider advanced technologies as important components to providing the best patient care.

The research demonstrated that 83.2% of physicians agreed that advances in diagnostic and treatment technologies have resulted in potential improvements in patient care.

OCT, when combined with Abbott’s new workflow MLD MAX, will help physicians alter their treatment strategy in treating 88% of coronary artery blockages.

Abbott claimed that its advanced technologies play important role in improving cardiovascular patient care and achieving optimal outcomes during and after intervention.

St. Francis Hospital and Heart Centre DeMatteis Cardiovascular Institute director Ziad Ali said: “Abbott’s new Ultreon Software for OCT provides an automated, comprehensive view of the artery that facilitates physician decision-making.

“Ultreon Software guides stents to be placed with precision. These types of innovative technologies are instrumental in providing the best care for our patients.”