Everyone should have the opportunity to lead a healthy life. This requires that we advance equitable access to healthcare and address some of the world’s most devastating and neglected diseases.

We are proud that Johnson & Johnson’s actions to expand access to our medicines and focus on addressing diseases that disproportionately impact people in lower- and middle-income countries has made us the 2nd-ranked company globally in the 2022 Access to Medicine Index.

Our industry-leading performance marks an improvement, up from 3rd in 2021, and is the sixth consecutive time we are featured as a top three performer by the Index. This is made possible thanks to an enduring commitment and a focus on providing patients around the world access to our lifesaving medicines.

Our high rank is an important validation of our decades-long, deliberate, and focused strategy and a testament to our colleagues and partners around the world who work every day to enable access to our innovative medicines and technologies in almost 100 lower- and middle-income countries.

We apply access & pricing principles across our entire pharmaceutical portfolio, planning for access early in the research phase. While our dedicated global public health team applies a lab-to-last-mile approach to fight diseases like tuberculosis, HIV, Ebola, and intestinal worms: innovating across all that we do to develop and deliver much-needed medicines, strengthening health systems and supporting frontline health workers.

Recognizing much more needs to be done we will continue to build on our approach to meet the needs of people today and the challenges the world faces tomorrow.