The Wisconsin BioHealth Tech Hub Consortium has received $49m from the US Economic Development Administration (EDA) to advance personalised medicine in Wisconsin, US.

The consortium, which includes the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), will use the funds to expedite biomedical innovation, add jobs, and introduce new products to the market.

MCW is among the 18 consortium members representing strengths in personalised medicine across public and private sectors, with a goal to advance Wisconsin.

Under the Biden Administration’s Tech Hubs Program, the Wisconsin coalition received funding as part of a $504m allocation distributed among 12 different tech hubs in the US.

MCW president and CEO John Raymond said: “The creativity and collaboration of the Wisconsin BioHealth Tech Hub partners has been impressive, and I commend BioForward for their leadership and success in building an extensive biohealth network.”

MCW is spearheading one of three technology projects funded by the EDA. One of the projects includes CAREScan Mobile Screening, which aims to transform healthcare delivery with a fully mobile platform.

CAREScan is designed to enhance health equity through neighbourhood-based access to health screening and care.

The device will provide screening for lung, colon, breast, lung, and prostate cancers, and is adaptable to screen for other diseases as technology progresses.

Additionally, CAREScan will leverage artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled telehealth interfaces developed by NexusMD, a biotech startup founded by MCW researchers.

The project involves establishing connections and fostering trust within underserved communities.

CAREScan will be developed and launched from MCW’s Milwaukee campus.

The three technology projects are designed to collaborate by combining the strengths of MCW, UW-Madison, and GE Healthcare to advance personalised medicine in the region.

UW-Madison leads the Wisconsin Health Data Hub project, which aims to establish a robust health data ecosystem. CAREScan will contribute inclusive data to support the ecosystem’s objectives.

GE Healthcare will support in advancement of personalised medicine through theragnostics, an emerging cancer treatment approach.

The imaging technology firm plans to develop an interface that facilitates seamless integration of new technologies into healthcare systems.

Last month, the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin (AHW) Endowment announced a $50m investment to advance improvements in health and wellness and foster health equity across the state.