Viome Life Sciences, a longevity company committed to translating scientific advancements into actionable and individualized health solutions, today announced the acquisition of Naring Health, a digital health and wellness company providing access to individualized clinical and molecular data to empower informed decisions. Under Naring Health, Viome will also be acquiring DiscernDX, a company making regular health monitoring, early disease detection, and personalized care a reality for every individual, and Foodome, a company that identifies all bioactive compounds in every food and uses network science to understand the connection between diet, genetic pathways, and diseases.

“We’re entering a groundbreaking era of precision health, an era where every individual has the power to manage their unique nutritional needs effectively,” stated Viome founder & CEO Naveen Jain. “By acquiring entities whose visions align and complement ours, such as Naring Health, we’re advancing our commitment to making unprecedented health insights and actionable solutions increasingly attainable to all and with greater accuracy. We are driven by the goal to transform the paradigm of health through personalized nutrition, unveiling extraordinary insights that hold the key to preventing and reversing chronic diseases using food as medicine.”

By combining resources, including key patents and intellectual property, Viome has the ability to further enhance its suite of personalized health solutions with even more precise food and supplement recommendations. As two leaders in the health industry, the strategic acquisition is helping usher in a new age of personalized nutrition. It will grant customers access to the most comprehensive insights into what is going on in their bodies and how they can address issues at the root cause with personalized and precise nutrition.

“We made the decision to invest in Naring Health because we believe in the power of personalized nutrition,” said Robbie Schwietzer, Khosla Ventures’ Operating Partner and Naring’s Interim CEO. “Joining forces with Viome amplifies its impact and accelerates its mission to provide individuals with tailored insights that improve health span and life span. Together, we’re charting a new course towards a healthier future for all.”

Both Viome and Naring Health share a common goal of providing personalized wellness tools that enable food to be used as medicine. While their strengths lie in slightly different areas – Viome focusing on the microbiome and Naring Health on multi-omics – they now unite under a shared vision of transforming healthcare through advanced, personalized solutions that are backed by data and science

“For years, I’ve studied how bioactive compounds in food impact the expression of human genes and trigger chronic diseases,” said Dr. Albert-Laszlo Barabasi. “This partnership with Viome, a trailblazer in the world of precision nutrition, accelerates the industry by a decade and enables Viome users to benefit from this research in an actionable way. By integrating Viome’s technology with our research, we’re poised to unlock the intricate link between individual dietary patterns and health, setting us firmly on the path to preventing and reversing chronic diseases.”

The acquisition comes off the heels of Viome’s latest funding announcement, in which the company successfully closed its $86.5 million Series C funding round, bringing its total raise to $175 million. Viome additionally expanded into the oral health space with two groundbreaking tests, Oral Health Intelligence Test for consumers, and Oral Health Pro with CancerDetect™ for dental professionals.