Innovative therapy shown to help promote healing and reduce the need for surgical debridements creating potential savings for health care systems.

3M Health Care’s innovative 3M™ Veraflo™ Therapy, with both 3M™ Veraflo™ Cleanse Choice Complete™ Dressing and 3M™ V.A.C. Veraflo Cleanse Choice™ Dressing, received the first-ever Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for hydromechanical removal of infectious materials, non-viable tissue and wound debris which reduces the number of surgical debridements required, while promoting granulation tissue formation, creating an environment that promotes wound healing.*

“Veraflo Therapy gives wound care clinicians a proven tool to facilitate healing and reduce the need for surgical intervention,” said Dr. Ronald Silverman, 3M Health Care senior vice president of clinical affairs and chief medical officer. “This FDA clearance highlights 3M innovation at its best – using science to help improve patient outcomes with better, smarter, safer health care solutions.”

Maintaining a clean wound bed is critical for optimal wound healing. According to 3M Health Care survey of wound care experts, more than 40% of all wounds become infected or critically colonized.1 This increase in bacterial loads delays and complicates patient wound healing, increasing the resources and costs to care for that patient.  A 2009 study in the Journal of Wound Care found that in the average 500-bed hospital, infected wounds can add an average of 9.58 days to length of a patients stay and $38,656 in additional charges. 2 These costs are expected to increase as the population ages and patient comorbidities rise. In 2018, an estimated 8.2 million Medicare beneficiaries had wounds. Wound care costs were estimated to be more than $28 billion, largely driven by delayed healing and complications including the need for surgical debridement.3

“As comorbidities rise, wound healing is getting more complex,” said Dr. Paul J. Kim, professor in the Department of Plastic Surgery & Department of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Texas Southwestern. “Solutions that help reduce the number of surgeries and accelerate healing time not only help improve patient recovery, but also lower the total cost of care, creating a more efficient delivery of care for health systems.”

3M is proud to have the first and only negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) dressings that hydromechanically remove non-viable tissue. Veraflo Therapy with Veraflo Cleanse Choice Complete Dressing or V.A.C. Veraflo Cleanse Choice Dressing provides a clinically proven therapy that can reduce the number of required surgical debridements and prepare the wound for closure faster. Data suggests Veraflo Therapy can also help reduce the length of stay and therapy.4,5 These benefits may create treatment efficiency and cost savings for health systems.6