Stogo, set up by Acute Care Hospital executives, helps resolve staff shortfall and scheduling hurdles faced by health systems.

Travel healthcare staffing agency Travel Nurse Across America (TNAA) has acquired Stogo, a health system shift management platform.

Headquartered in Texas, US, mobile app-based platform provider Stogo was established by Acute Care Hospital executives to resolve staff shortfall and scheduling hurdles faced by health systems.

The platform allows healthcare providers to fill staffing gaps with their own employees or with local clinicians employed by Stogo.

Stogo founders Heather Anderson and Patrick Halinski said: “The cultural fit and aligned vision for the platform were two of the most compelling factors about joining TNAA.

“Joining TNAA provides Stogo with resources and strong customer relationships that will help fuel the continued expansion of the platform.”

TNAA offers workforce solutions for healthcare systems, via its Managed Services unit SimpliFi.

Stogo’s purchase adds new capabilities and healthcare executives to TNAA.

In addition, the purchase will help healthcare systems optimise their core staff and manage contingent labour spending.

More than 100,000 shifts are expected to be filled this year using Stogo’s mobile staffing marketplace.

SimpliFi president James Quick said: “Health systems across the country are looking for ways to maximise their core staff, expand the use of internal float pools, and engage skilled clinicians from their communities to pick up extra shifts.

“Stogo helps us deliver on each of these charters for our customers.”