The Africa Health ExCon Exhibition is held under the patronage of His Excellency the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. In addition, it will take place between the 7th and the 10th of June 2023 at the Egypt International Exhibition center in Cairo, Egypt.

H.E. General Dr. Bahaa El-Din Zidan, Chairman of The Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement, Medical Supply, and the Management of Medical Technology (UPA), Tawfik Khoja, Secretary General of the Arab Hospitals Federation, and H.E Prof Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky, the Chairman of the General Authority of Healthcare, Assistant Minister of Health and Population, General Supervisor of the Universal Health Insurance Project have signed the Cooperation protocol. Furthermore, the signing ceremony was attended by several senior officials, including Alice Yammine Boueiz, Chief Executive Officer of the Arab Hospitals Federation, Dr. Ali Abu Gain, Executive Council Member of Arab Hospitals Federation, Ameer El Telwany, CEO of Egypt Healthcare Authority, Dr. Hani Rashid, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Egypt Healthcare Authority, and Omar Abd El Aziz, Technical bureau director of UPA.

On his part, General DR. Bahaa Zidan said that the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement aims to collaborate with the Arab Hospitals Federation on optimizing Africa Health ExCon-2023. In addition, the UPA and AHF are combining their efforts towards maximizing the Egyptian role in promoting the potential of exchanging insights within the healthcare and medical sector through enhancing Africa Health ExCon's role as a hub of innovation and trade in Africa. Thus, the Africa Africa Health ExCon Exhibition and Conferences will play a key role in creating a competitive edge within the health and pharmaceutical sectors while attracting new investments and paving the way to exchanging experiences among major global and international corporates.  

He added on the sidelines of the signing ceremony that AHF is UPA's main partner in the success of the Africa Health ExCon-2022, as it played a key role in kicking off the first edition that had a long-term positive impact within both the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Furthermore, General DR. Bahaa Zeidan affirmed that UPA and AHF will join forces in organizing the second edition of Africa Health ExCon held next June to attract a large number of medical and pharmaceutical firms operating in the GCC countries to be part of such influential and impactful event in GCC and Africa.

Moreover, he noted that Africa Health ExCon 2023 will be more integrated and comprehensive to become the first inclusive platform in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

The patronage of H.E President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi of the Republic was the main contributor to the success of the 1st edition of Africa Health ExCon, in addition to the support of other senior officials in various ministries and state institutions, Zidan added.

Africa Health ExCon Exhibition supports communication frameworks among various pharmaceutical institutions in Africa. It is considered the first of its kind sustainable business platform that brings together all the players of the pharmaceutical industry under one umbrella. It also works on formulating a unified vision that supports providing medical and healthcare services while developing scientific and medical research in Africa.

On the other hand, Prof. Tawfik Khoga stated that AHF was founded mainly to help Arab countries in providing comprehensive healthcare services. In addition, it exists to asset the pharmaceutical sector in the digital transformation and develop the digitization of the pharma and healthcare industries.

He added that the Egyptian state launched several health initiatives that serve all its citizens under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, noting that AHF and the Egyptian government have a mutually beneficial relationship and a strong friendship. He also extended thanks to Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi as he sponsored a comprehensive health and pharmaceutical renaissance in Egyptian.

Furthermore, he affirmed that Africa Health ExCon-2023 is set to witness a turnout of a large number of Gulf and African corporates, indicating that it comes within the framework of deepening the unified vision in the health and pharmaceutical sectors in Africa.

He also stressed that the Egyptian state seeks to share its experience in the pharma and medical industries while increasing investment opportunities and mutual trade with its sister countries in the African continent to build a powerful health system capable of dealing with epidemics, pandemics, and chronic diseases spread in Africa.

However, Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky, the Chairman of the General Authority of Healthcare stressed that the main purpose of this Protocol of Cooperation is to consolidate the cooperation between Africa Health Excon and the Arab Hospital Federation (AHF), which reflects the organizers of the powerful event are keen on exchanging their expertise to guarantee the success of the 2nd edition.

He pointed out that the success of the Africa Health Excon-2022 enhanced the ability of the organizers to expand the scope of the second edition and develop new sustainable methods and tools that help in boosting cooperation between Egypt, Arab and foreign countries for it to become a pan-African platform for the pharma industry.

He stressed Egypt's ability to transfer its expertise in various health and pharmaceutical sectors to the African countries, the Arab region, and the Middle East, pointing to the relentless efforts of the Authority in supporting our brothers in neighboring countries.

It is worth mentioning that Africa Health Excon was organized to be the continental hub of innovation and trade in Africa and that it will be the gateway to Health and innovation in Africa to create a sustainable platform connecting the world's healthcare providers and suppliers under one roof as well giving a chance to all health care partners to interact together, it targets the Hospitals & Healthcare Providers, pharmaceuticals, laboratory equipment, Medical & Surgical Supplies, and Equipment Companies.