Predictive artificial intelligence (AI) company Spectral AI has partnered with burn wound therapy-focused medical device company PolyNovo to introduce the former’s DeepView System in Australia.

DeepView System is an advanced predictive tool that provides immediate and objective assessment of a burn wound’s potential for healing before initiating treatment or medical procedures.

Under the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by the parties, the Dallas-based Spectral AI and PolyNovo will facilitate a potential limited deployment of the DeepView System for burn indications in Australia.

The collaboration includes PolyNovo’s support for Spectral AI’s application to the Australian Special Access Scheme (SAS) for deployment of up to two DeepView Systems.

These systems are planned to be installed initially at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

The goal is to establish a foundation for Spectral AI’s future commercial launch, based on evaluations and feedback from clinicians.

Spectral AI CEO Peter Carslon said: “PolyNovo’s innovative therapies have proven to be life changing and it is one of the world’s most respected providers of burn treatment solutions.

“Understanding when it is appropriate to apply these therapies is paramount to realising improved patient outcomes. We believe that the Day One wound healing assessment provided by the DeepView System empowers clinicians with the knowledge to make an informed and rapid diagnosis when time is of the essence.”

The DeepView System employs an image processing algorithm which uses multispectral imaging, that has been trained and validated against a proprietary database containing over 340 billion clinically verified data points.

Additionally, the system is non-invasive in nature and can be mounted on a cart, ensuring high mobility within healthcare settings.

PolyNovo specialises in the development and distribution of patented bioabsorbable synthetic polymer technology.

The technology helps in reconstructing complex wounds, including deep dermal and full-thickness burns, and supports the body in generating new tissue.  

PolyNovo’s portfolio includes the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved NovoSorb BTM (biodegradable temporising matrix) and NovoSorb MTX products.

Recently, Spectral AI announced the deployment of DeepView imaging system in a fifth hospital in the UK.