The collaboration will focus on developing a next-generation, hyper-personalised primary care model for clinicians and patients.

US-based not-for-profit healthcare organisation Sentara Health has teamed up with generative AI-native health company RhythmX AI to enhance primary care.

US-based RhythmX AI is a SAIGroup company, which offers a precision care platform to support physicians in creating a new whole-person care model using generative and predictive AI-powered copilots.

The collaboration will focus on developing a next-generation, hyper-personalised primary care model for both clinicians and patients.

It will allow Sentara’s primary care clinicians to access RhythmX AI’s predictive and generative AI platform and advanced tools, such as clinical actions derived from clinical and payor guidelines, earlier disease detection, and analyses of underlying electronic medical record (EMR) data.

The use of these tools will result in streamlining relevant information delivery to clinicians at the point of care, which subsequently will allow them to dedicate more time for patient interaction and reduce the time spent searching for necessary data.

The RhythmX AI and Sentara partnership will eventually result in creating a unified intelligence platform that can be used by all the primary care team members, including primary care physicians, advanced practice providers and registered nurses, for providing team-based care.

In addition, all the patients accessing Sentara’s primary care services, whether through walk-in clinics, urgent care, or traditional primary care offices, will benefit from the hyper-personalised care plan.

RhythmX AI CEO and founder Deepthi Bathina said: “The collaboration combines RhythmX AI’s leading enterprise AI platform with Sentara’s clinical expertise and primary care redesign approach to bring forth the next generation of hyper-personalised primary care delivery that infuses true clinical intelligence at the point of care for every patient visit.

“By doing that, we can unlock the capacity needed to deliver the care we all seek.”

Sentara has 12 hospitals across Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina, with a workforce of 30,000.

Sentara’s primary care clinicians will have access to RhythmX AI’s predictive and generative AI platform to streamline information delivery.