Roche announced today that it has a new addition to the cobas® connection modules (CCM), the CCM Vertical, allowing transportation of samples on overhead conveyors.* This solution allows for CCM conveyors to cross walkways, connecting different work areas and keeps (emergency) exits accessible. Samples can also be transported up or down to different levels.

Given the ever-changing needs of the healthcare system, the demand for automation continues to surge, driven by shortages in skilled personnel, escalating throughput demands and the need for faster results and reduced errors. In addition space limitations in laboratories present a significant hurdle and it can be a challenge to increase the testing capacity.

"Given the dynamic requirements of the healthcare system, laboratories and clinicians are expected to optimise laboratory operations and efficiencies while improving patient care," said Ann Costello, Head of Roche Diagnostics Solutions at Roche Diagnostics. "We are excited about CCM Vertical, it simplifies and streamlines testing for laboratories of all sizes, throughputs and disciplines, while supporting clinical decision-making to improve patient care."

CCM Vertical addresses these difficulties, it is a modular and flexible vertical transportation solution which consists of elevator units, overhead conveyors and overhead turn units. It seamlessly integrates with an existing CCM solution without compromising quality, reliability and performance, in the same way as the CCM horizontal track. CCM Vertical offers multidisciplinary connectivity through floors and ceilings, enabling floor to floor transportation. The space constraints in laboratories where previously there was not even room for a suitable solution, will now be effectively addressed with the multidisciplinary connectivity across many floors and rooms.