Under the terms of this agreement, PathAI will exclusively work with Roche Tissue Diagnostics (RTD) to develop AI-enabled digital pathology algorithms in the companion diagnostics space. RTD will work exclusively with PathAI for a pre-specified term as the sole external algorithm development company for AI-powered companion diagnostics, while retaining the ability to continue to develop its own algorithms for companion diagnostics. PathAI will retain the ability to freely develop algorithms outside of companion diagnostics. 

"As the market leader in companion diagnostics, we strive to continuously bring new innovations in personalised healthcare," said Jill German, Head of Roche Tissue Diagnostics. "This collaboration with PathAI will allow us to accelerate our ability to meet the demand from biopharma companies looking to develop AI-enabled companion diagnostics, and provide them with a powerful end-to-end solution in the pursuit of precision therapeutics."

Algorithms developed under this agreement will be deployed using Roche's Digital Pathology solution.

"This collaboration with Roche is a testament to our shared commitment to advancing the field of digital pathology and AI-enabled diagnostics for both drug development and clinical care," said Dr. Andy Beck, CEO and Co-Founder of PathAI. "High medical value diagnostic products with seamless integration into the laboratory workflow will accelerate the transition to digital pathology as the standard to aid clinicians in diagnosis and biomarker characterisation."

Under a previous agreement from October of 2021, the companies jointly developed an embedded image analysis workflow for pathologists. This workflow allows PathAI image analysis algorithms to be accessed within Roche's navify Digital Pathology software platform. PathAI algorithms were the first to be fully integrated into the Roche Open Environment.

About Roche Personalised Healthcare Solutions & Roche Digital Pathology
In collaboration with Roche and other leading pharmaceutical companies, we identify and develop innovative predictive diagnostics to target those patients who are more likely to respond to specific therapies. The global partner of choice for companion diagnostics, we help to advance precision medicine by delivering diagnostic confidence through a broad menu of high medical value solutions that empower physicians to make the right treatment decisions more quickly. Our leadership and expertise in digital pathology, including AI-based image analysis algorithms, enables streamlined integration of diagnostic development with the latest in digital pathology solutions to help proliferate the delivery of crucial therapies to patients.