Switzerland-based healthcare company Roche Diagnostics has secured approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its cobas pro integrated solutions, designed to optimise lab operations.

Roche’s cobas pro integrated solution is an advanced Serum Work Area, the clinical chemistry and immunochemistry laboratory solution.

The healthcare firm said that its cobas pro integrated solutions enable laboratories to run tests in less time, using less equipment, automate manual tasks and deliver results more quickly to aid in treatment decisions.

Roche Diagnostics CEO Thomas Schinecker said: “We are excited about the accelerated FDA clearance of the cobas pro integrated solutions, our new generation of Serum Work Area solutions inspired by our mission to help improve speed and reliability of treatment decisions for patients and their families.

“Reliable, fast and sustainable diagnostic solutions are vital for optimal clinical care delivery for patients, and a key element in the evolution of general healthcare quality.”

Medical and lab professionals play critical role in delivering optimal patient care

According to Roche, diagnostic laboratories play a crucial role in global healthcare system and in-vitro diagnostics influence up to 70% of all clinical decisions, accounting for only about 2% of total healthcare spending.

In addition, medical and lab professionals face increasing pressure in managing a growing number of samples, while delivering quality results faster and rising profitability.

Roche’s latest offering cobas pro facilitates performing up to 2,200 tests per hour with three modules working in parallel and synchronised improving efficiency.

Reducing the time in delivering results across several therapeutic areas such as pregnancy, core lab/HIV tests and blood screening, is crucial in making clinical decisions.

The solution is capable of reducing up to 3¼ hours operating time for a daily routine workload compared to cobas 6000, while 93% of Roche Immunoassays have reaction times of 18 minutes or less.

Roche claims that it is an international pharmaceuticals and diagnostics company focused on advancing science to improve people’s lives, through combining strengths of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics under one roof.