Revvity’s EUROIMMUN business, a leading provider of high-quality in-vitro diagnostic products, and ALPCO-GeneProof, a global leader in molecular diagnostics, jointly announced a strategic partnership to enhance the availability of GeneProof PCR kits throughout the European Union. This collaboration brings together EUROIMMUN’s extensive distribution network and support infrastructure with ALPCO-GeneProof’s innovative molecular diagnostic technologies.

“Entering into the partnership with ALPCO-GeneProof, EUROIMMUN is relying on an established and experienced provider for molecular diagnostic assays. It will allow EUROIMMUN’s customers to benefit from a vastly expanded high-quality assay portfolio that can be run on established real-time PCR cyclers”, says Dirk Beecker, CEO of EUROIMMUN.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Erik Allen, CEO of ALPCO-GeneProof, expressed confidence about the partnership, stating, “Having EUROIMMUN as a partner brings a strong focus to the European Union for the GeneProof products. Combining our high-quality IVDR cleared kits with their expertise in the diagnostic space and strong commercial presence means more customers can access the fast-growing GeneProof infectious disease assays.”

The agreement will see EUROIMMUN delivering a comprehensive portfolio of 42 molecular diagnostic assays from ALPCO-GeneProof. These assays are based on the innovative “one workflow” technology, which simplifies use and ensures compatibility with a broad range of qPCR instruments. Additionally, EUROIMMUN will offer the croBEE® nucleic acid extraction system, further enhancing the diagnostic solutions.

The full menu of GeneProof PCR kits includes assays for transplant and immunocompromised patients, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), bloodborne pathogens, respiratory infections, thrombotic mutations, neuroinfections, and antibiotic resistance.

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