QIAGEN has released the latest version of QIAGEN Clinical Insight Interpret (QCI Interpret), its clinical decision support software, for next-generation sequencing (NGS) testing labs.

The latest QCI Interpret is designed to accommodate larger test panels and higher test volumes, significantly enhancing the performance and scalability of high-throughput NGS labs.

The software now incorporates enhancements that expedite critical lab performance criteria for turn-around-time, diagnostic yield, and quality outcomes.

According to Netherlands-based QIAGEN, the tool has advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, like AI-driven literature searches and phenotype-based ranking.

These features are meant to provide improved workflow scalability and smooth expansion of test menus.

Key enhancements include bulk variant assessment, identification of co-occurring variants, refined test tracking, additional multi-user functionality, and improved process and test management.

The diagnostics technologies provider added that these additions facilitate faster turnaround times, improved efficiency, and enhanced user coordination and flexibility.

Additionally, existing customers can access these new features through the latest release of QCI Interpret.

QIAGEN Digital Insights senior vice president Jonathan Sheldon said: “Single gene tests and small gene panels are being replaced with large, comprehensive gene panels and even whole exome and genome sequencing, creating an immense amount of data to interpret.

“The latest release of QCI Interpret will enable labs to scale up interpretation, identify and classify the most relevant variants more efficiently, and find supporting evidence for clinical decision faster.”

QCI Interpret is intended to offer a unified system that enables the integration of additional panels without compromising turnaround times.

The platform delivers content for quick review, streamlines case and workflow management, and enhances reporting flexibility.

Additionally, it eases team coordination, and diminishes manual tasks, thereby saving significant time for lab personnel.

The software was built by combining QIAGEN’s proprietary expert (MD/PhD) curation with the efficiency of machine curation to allow variant interpretation and reporting.

Recently, QIAGEN received the European IVDR certification of QCI Interpret as a Class C Medical Device.

The software became the first NGS interpretation platform approved for diagnostic use in both hereditary and oncology applications.