Procter & Gamble’s dental products brand Oral-B has rolled out GENIUS X, enabled with artificial intelligence to improve every day brushing for consumers.

Oral-B is a provider of manual and electric toothbrushes, oral irrigators and interdental products including dental floss. Its AI-enabled GENIUS X has been designed to help users brush for the right amount of time, avoiding too much pressure regardless of their individual brushing style.

Procter & Gamble North America Oral Care vice president Carlos De Jesus said: “By deepening our understanding of consumer behaviour across 60 countries, Oral-B has been able to design products & experiences that help coach consumers to build healthier brushing behaviours.

“The GENIUS X is just our first, and very big, step into connected oral health. We know that oral hygiene is a gateway to our overall health, and we will continue to innovate devices that help people seamlessly monitor and support their at-home care.”

AI-enabled GENIUS X has in-built sensors to monitor brushing

Oral-B said that it has conducted more than 2,000 brushing sessions across the world to gain an in-depth understanding of brushing behaviours, and has created an algorithm that evaluates individual brushing styles and guides users to attain better brushing habits.

Data from the company’s brushing sessions demonstrated that each individual has unique brushing style, and most people use either too much pressure, do not brush for the required time or miss few areas of the mouth while brushing.

To address this, Oral-B has created GENIUS X, equipped with sensors that monitor pressure, keeps track of brushing time, and detecting the brush’s location and orientation.

The smart brush sends data to the Oral-B app, which leverages the GENIUS X AI algorithm to identify where users are brushing, in real-time, and offers personalised feedback on the regions of the mouth that require additional attention.

In addition, the brush features a round brush head resembling professional dentist tools for an optimal clean, and the brush head provides a three-movement combination to remove plaque oscillate, rotate and pulsate.

The smart brush is commercialised in anthracite black, black, orchid purple, sakura pink and white colours, packed in a travel case designed to charge both the brush and a USB device.