Health technology firm ONDO Systems has forged a channel partnership with Caspar AI to provide artificial intelligence (AI)-based bed-focused care.

Caspar AI is an advanced continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence company. ONDO Systems, on the other hand, is an innovator in Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure and enablement for post-acute and long-term care.

Under the partnership, Caspar AI’s AI-driven passive monitoring solution will be integrated into the smart nursing platform of ONDO Systems.

Integrated within ONDO Systems’ suite of clinical bed-focused tools, the partnership will empower care providers to enhance patient outcomes and streamline caregiver workflows.

ONDO Systems CEO Ivan Goering said: “ONDO’s platform was built to allow the post-acute care industry to quickly adopt a wide range of IoT devices and digital medical devices.

“Our relationship with Caspar AI allows us to enhance our core product offering and expand the number of features and data driven solutions we can offer to our customer base.”

ONDO Systems’ platform offers various solutions tailored for post-acute and long-term care providers. It manages facility operations, asset tracking, patient monitoring, and care plan compliance via a single consolidated user dashboard.

The platform simplifies the integration of additional tools and features, such as Caspar AI’s patient trending data, in-bed patient awareness alerts, and monitoring of vitals.

Healthcare professionals can access and analyse the data in real time and over time to identify trends, inform decision-making, and optimise workflows, facilitating long-term and comparative analysis.

On the other hand, Caspar AI’s cloud AI plugin delivers analytics and AI-driven insights directly to customers’ dashboards, thereby helping care teams to deliver proactive care.

The technology uses generative AI to observe, analyse, and predict health outcomes, supporting over 20 health and wellness conditions.

Its contactless monitoring solutions encompass vital management and AI-generated reports for care plan validation.

ONDO Systems said that these continuous insights enhance patient outcomes and bolster the operational efficiency of care teams.

Caspar AI CEO Ashutosh Saxena said: “Embedding Caspar solution directly onto a patient’s bed with ONDO’s platform is a substantial upgrade in terms of providing holistic, patient-centric care.

“By integrating our full suite of contactless monitoring solutions directly onto a patient’s bed and factoring additional data sets from other tools on the ONDO platform, we can provide 100x more analytics and insights than before, which will fundamentally change the way we are able to deliver care in the marketplace.”