Medical technology innovator, Oncotech Nordic AB, awarded CE marking in 2022 for its mobile health screening technology, Ophtascan™, will be distributed in Sri Lanka for the first time this autumn through a new partnership with the DiaPearl Group

In development since 2014, Ophtascan™ is a mobile in-real-time detection system for pre-cancerous plus all four stages of lung, cervical, breast, uterine and prostate cancers. The technology can also be used for detecting type 2 diabetes.  

From left: Andre Rafnsson, Bren Sambunathan and Jeevan Gnanam

The mobile screening technology is used by doctors and patients in Central Africa, where there is huge demand for diabetes and cancer screening plus diagnostics. The Ophtascan™ technology is currently being used by Sigma Africa clinicians in the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and Tanzania.

In addition, the AI-powered Ophtascan™ technology will be distributed in Europe through Medical Express Romania.

Using the technology, clinicians can use their own smartphone devices to photograph the iris of their patients and upload images to the Oncotech server.  The Oncotech AI diagnostic and machine learning system then sends the results back to the clinician in under a minute.

The test is non-invasive, quick and requires minimal equipment, meaning that testing can take place in remote locations away from hospitals.

Sri Lankan partnership

Bren Sambunathan, Chairman and CEO of the DiaPearl Group, who is leading the distribution drive in Sri Lanka and broadly Asia said, "The medical technology within the Ophtascan™ technology will ultimately assist in alleviating the impact of type 2 diabetes and cancer within our society". 

"The early detection of these conditions typically presents the best outcomes for patients and the sophisticated technology within the Ophtascan™ technology has true transformative potential. We at the DiaPearl Group are thrilled to be the first business partners within Asia for this ground-breaking innovation that is destined to have a positive impact globally."

In February 2022, final validation of Ophtascan™  was completed, following tests on over 2,000 oncology patients over a three-year period. The scanning precision success rate was over 95 per cent, and last year reached a 97 per cent precision scanning rate, as additional patients were assessed and data was validated on a daily basis.  In addition, new research is underway for tests that will examine the early warning signs for colon, bladder, kidney, pancreas and stomach cancer.

Oncotech Nordic AB CEO Andre Rafnsson concluded, "Sri Lanka is the third of what will be several new telemedicine and remote health diagnostic business partners.  We are now in discussion with potential partners in North America and BRICS countries, with the ultimate aim being to license the Ophtascan™ technology globally. 

Ophtascan™ is the registered trademark of Oncotech Nordic AB.