OMNY Health, the leading healthcare ecosystem known for facilitating compliant cross-industry data sharing launched its platform designed to power AI-driven health technology companies, further cementing the company’s commitment to democratizing healthcare data. QuantHealth and ArisGlobal are just two of OMNY’s newest partners to leverage this new platform to power their organizational AI-driven needs. OMNY Health’s data network uniquely addresses Generative AI’s need for large de-identified structured and unstructured electronic health record (EHR) data sets across diverse provider and patient populations, further underscoring the platform as delivering the data infrastructure and rails for provider organizations to collaborate and fuel the development and use of effective AI solutions for advancing healthcare.

“Our mission is to free data from silos, allowing it to be shared, analyzed, and morphed into life-saving treatments and better care for patients,” said Mitesh Rao, CEO, OMNY Health. “Life science organizations and providers often struggle with time and budget constraints that hinder their ability to learn from their data. Our work powering AI-driven platforms can unblock this process by partnering with AI developers with data and tools to accelerate breakthrough therapies and monitor new therapies for safety signals to ensure patient populations remain safe.”

Two of OMNY Health’s AI-driven partners being effectively powered by the platform’s data to foster new opportunities for advancing healthcare include QuantHealth, the leading AI-driven clinical trial design company, and ArisGlobal, a technology company at the forefront of life sciences and creator of LifeSphere.

QuantHealth’s AI technology, trained on a dataset of 350 million patients, enhances clinical trial timelines, mitigates trial risks, and identifies populations likely to respond to treatments. OMNY’s collaboration will help QuantHealth’s pharmaceutical partners expedite drug development through simulated clinical trials, utilizing real-world evidence to predict clinical trial outcomes, drug efficacy, and patient responses.

“Biotech is entering a vibrant part of life sciences history,” said Omri Matalon, VP Clinical Data Science and Head of R&D Operations at QuantHealth. “This partnership furthers our commitment to quality data and access for our life sciences partners. By integrating diverse EHRs into organized, de-identified research data products, we can address disparities in clinical trials and close significant demographic information gaps in drug discovery and development.”

OMNY’s partnership with ArisGlobal, a leader in pharmacovigilance, safety monitoring, and reporting systems, will transform safety signal validation and pave the way for comprehensive, proactive signal detection.

“Up to 95% of adverse event cases go unreported today, while processing ICSRs can be time consuming, and analysis of medical literature and online forums is slow and inefficient,” said Ann-Marie Orange, CIO and Global Head of R&D at ArisGlobal. “Combining LifeSphere products with comprehensive real-time RWD addresses these challenges head-on. By leveraging advanced technology and insights from extensive RWD, we are reshaping drug discovery and development.”