Canada-based Octane Medical Group has acquired the global orthobiologics business of German medical technology company B. Braun for an undisclosed price.

The acquisition was facilitated through Octane Biotherapeutics (BioTx), a subsidiary established by Octane Medical Group specifically for this purpose.

Through the deal with B. Braun, Octane Medical Group has acquired two firms, namely TETEC in Germany and Aesculap Biologics in the US. This is expected to strengthen Octane Medical Group’s presence on an international scale in the regenerative medicine sector.

The orthobiologics platform acquired from B. Braun currently includes the NOVOCART 3D and NOVOCART Inject products.

NOVOCART 3D is designed to implant a collagen-based matrix scaffold into the defective areas. The matrix is infused with cartilage cells.

On the other hand, NOVOCART Inject is an injectable blend comprising cartilage cells and PEG-albumin-hyaluronic acid hydrogel.

Octane Medical Group CEO and co-founder Timothy Smith said: “Octane previously partnered with B. Braun for more than 10 years to scale up production of living-tissue orthopaedic implants.

“This acquisition brings the NOVOCART autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) technology for articular cartilage repair into the innovation portfolio at Octane, giving the company full ownership of the NOVOCART value chain – from design development, clinical trials and manufacturing through to sales, distribution and clinical use.”

The acquisition will empower the Canadian firm to utilise the automated cell production capabilities of its Cocoon bioreactor, thereby expanding and expediting the manufacturing of NOVOCART articular cartilage implants.

Additionally, the move will make Octane Medical Group the first ACI therapy provider to substantially lower production costs.

Using the automated manufacturing platform of Cocoon will also help the Canadian company in increased consistency, quality, and scalability.

Cocoon is an automated production system for personalised cell therapies. The platform cultivates cells within a controlled bioreactor to cater to an array of crucial diseases and conditions.

Octane Medical Group intends to transition NOVOCART from its current manual production process to complete automation through Cocoon. According to B. Braun Board member and Aesculap executive board chairman Jens von Lackum, the deal aligns with Aesculap’s strategic emphasis on the operating room. Aesculap’s focus aims to offer innovative surgical solutions to its main customers.