As part of the Cancer Moonshot initiative announced at the White House, noul is delighted to announce its groundbreaking participation as a leading On-Device AI healthcare company in the private-public partnership, CancerX. Congratulations on noul’s efforts to take a step closer to global cancer conquest! 

CancerX was announced in February 2023 as part of The White House’s reignited national Cancer Moonshot initiative. As a public-private partnership co-hosted by the U.S. government, Moffitt Cancer Center, the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe), and others, noul actively participated in this vital innovation, showcasing crucial technologies and products to combat cancer.

Medical AI company noul enables cancer progression detection with On-Device AI Technology

The noul miLab Platform is currently undergoing advanced development to combine noul’s unique solid-based staining technology with On-Device AI technology. This integration aims to automatically capture and classify cervical cells, providing information about the stage of cancer progression. The technology involves directly observing cells collected from the cervix, enabling examination of whether cancer is progressing or at what stage. 

Unlike typical AI using cloud services, noul utilizes on-device AI technology embedded in the miLab device, allowing for usage independent of internet access or location constraints. This groundbreaking technology enables cervical cell diagnosis anywhere globally, contributing to resolving the unresolved issue of cervical cancer in the global female population. 

noul’s cervical cell screening product, miLab Cartridge CER

Consistent staining quality of cancer cells and tissues with solid staining technology, dramatically enhanced AI performance

noul’s miLab, equipped with its innovative and eco-friendly solid staining technology, is designed to enhance AI performance significantly. This technology ensures consistent staining of cancer cells and tissues, regardless of the user’s expertise. The goal is to make cancer diagnosis possible globally in any region by dramatically improving the performance of AI.

NVIDIA’s Edge Computing Technology Implemented in Medical Diagnosis for the First Time with ‘miLab Platform’

While medical AI technology is rapidly advancing in developed countries, accessibility to medical services remains a significant challenge in half of the world. noul’s miLab is equipped with NVIDIA chips optimized for On-Device AI technology, making it the first company to implement this technology in medical diagnostics. noul was recognized in 2021 at NVIDIA’s GTC (GPU Technology Conference) as one of the ‘Top 5 AI Startup Trends.’ miLab’s AI technology provides faster and more accurate diagnoses than human microscopy in resource-limited situations, promising to significantly improve the accessibility of diagnostic services in areas with insufficient medical infrastructure and personnel. 

Establishment of a New Organization for Cancer Diagnostic Product Research & Development

As part of these efforts towards conquering cancer, noul recently established the Oncology Group, a research and development organization specializing in cancer diagnosis. The group is a dedicated organization conducting research and development on AI cancer diagnostic products based on noul’s cell and tissue staining technology. Research is underway not only for cervical cell diagnostic solutions but also for analyzing biomarkers using immunohistochemistry technology to determine prescription decisions for immunotherapy.

Noul’s Role as a Partner in CancerX

Starting from January 2024, noul has joined CancerX and collaborates as a key partner in the Cancer Moonshot Initiative. Joining hands with leading companies in the field of cancer and digital health, noul is setting priorities and action plans to achieve Cancer Moonshot’s goals. Together, we believe in the power of innovation and are committed to fighting against cancer.

As a pioneer in developing on-device AI-based diagnostic platforms, noul promises to make significant progress in global cancer research and treatment through its participation in CancerX. Engaging with leading global institutions and companies in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment, we exchange information and work towards developing diagnostic technologies that provide crucial information for cancer treatment. Our aim is to take another step closer to the dream of conquering cancer by developing advanced diagnostic technologies that contribute significant insights to the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Through innovative solutions, we will regularly share the processes leading to the conquest of cancer with all of you.

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By Kyung-Hak Choi, Ph.D, Head of Oncology Product Group and Director of Research
Edited by Joan Cho, Lead of Branding & Communications