Mindray, a world-leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of medical devices and solutions, is pleased to announce a partnership with Randox, a global market leader in the in-vitro diagnostics industry committed to revolutionizing healthcare on a global scale, in providing new biochemistry parameters for global customers.

With rich experience in biochemistry reagents, Randox offers more than 100 assays that cover over 100 disease markers. As part of this partnership, Mindray and Randox will introduce new chemistry parameters into the BS-800 series chemistry analyzers for global customers (mainland China is not included). The first six parameters have been validated in terms of clinical performance and practical reliability.

Biochemistry parameters are the most basic and straightforward indicators to understand a patient’s physical condition. Clinical biochemistry has always been an important part of clinical diagnostics. Although a large number of biochemical parameters are being used in laboratories, there is virtually no IVD manufacturer that can offer all the biochemical items single-handedly.

With the advance of its IVD technology, Mindray has delivered its biochemistry systems to more and more customers, accommodating the needs of laboratories with different levels of throughput. Now, Mindray is serving customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Given the complex and diverse needs of different customers in different places, it would be a challenge to satisfy all customer needs at one go, especially those from large and core laboratories. The partnership with Randox makes it possible to develop more comprehensive clinical biochemistry solutions that better cater to the needs of laboratories seeking to expand their testing volumes and allow them to perform all the tests within one biochemistry system.

Mindray Biochemical products are making more efforts to fully meet the needs of the international market. The present partnership on biochemistry reagents is just a beginning, as Mindray will continue to expand our cooperation with Randox in even more areas, so we can together provide more powerful clinical diagnostics solutions for laboratories worldwide.