Quality Controls for Respiratory Viral, Pharyngitis, and Genital Ulcer Disease Panels

Microbix Biosystems Inc. (TSX: MBX, OTCQX: MBXBF, Microbix®), a life sciences innovator, manufacturer, and exporter, announces a collaboration with BioGX, Inc. (“BioGX”), a global provider of easy molecular diagnostic solutions. The companies are collaborating to make Microbix’s Quality Assessment Products (“QAPs™”) available to BioGX Xfree™ customers that perform tests on the portable BioGX pixl™ real-time PCR platform, and other systems such as the Applied Biosystems QuantStudio™ 5 and 7500 Fast Dx, the BD MAX™, and the Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch™ and CFX384 Touch™.

Microbix was chosen by BioGX to be the primary External Quality Controls provider for assays on their newly-launched pixl platform – a benchtop instrument with capabilities for syndromic testing. To date, BioGX recommends nine PROCEEDx™ FLOQ® QAPs to be used in conjunction with assays that detect a wide variety of infectious organisms, including but not limited to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID), Influenza A&B (Flu), Group A Streptococcus (Strep), Herpes Simplex Virus 1&2 (Herpes), Varicella Zoster Virus (Chicken Pox), Treponema pallidum (Syphilis), and Mpox virus (Monkeypox).

Microbix QAPs are now referenced in BioGX Assay Product Inserts (available at https://www.biogx.com), with additional QAPs to be referenced as the collaboration expands. Microbix’s current QAPs catalogue is available on its website at https://microbix.com/request-catalogue/.

Xfree technology provides a complete lyophilized test in a single tube using the trusted BioGX Sample-Ready™ format for extraction-free, direct sample addition in real-time PCR testing. This format eliminates pre-treatment and nucleic-acid extraction steps, enabling labs with a simple Sample-to-Answer workflow. The tests can be shipped anywhere in the world without refrigeration.

Phil Casselli, SVP of Sales & Business Development at Microbix, commented, “It has been a pleasure to work with Robert and his team at BioGX to support their customer base with robust External Quality Controls. They selected our unique FLOQSwab® based QAPs because they replicate a patient specimen closely, are extremely convenient to ship, store, and use, and allow end-users to monitor their entire diagnostic workflow from sample collection to result.”

Robert Martinez, VP of Business Development & Scientific Affairs at BioGX, also commented, “We considered other external quality controls, but selected Microbix QAPs as the best solution to support assay optimization and to significantly simplify QC procedures with minimal to no pipetting steps. Microbix’s technical expertise, product design, performance, and superior customer service are impressive. We look forward to continuing our collaboration.”