Koda Health has raised new funding from its Seed+ round to expand its capabilities in advance care planning (ACP).

The Houston-based Koda Health offers a tech-driven care coordination service to improve serious illness care planning.

Its Seed+ round was led by Ecliptic Capital and was joined by strategic investors Memorial Hermann Health System, AARP, and the Texas Medical Center (TMC) Venture Fund.

The funding is based on Koda’s mission, technology, and its positive impact on patient care.

With its ACP solution, the company pairs a cloud-based ACP platform with an in-house 1:1 longitudinal ACP support and navigation.

The offerings enable healthcare organisations to deliver scalable and tailored ACP without additional organisational burdens.

With the backing of partnerships and support from healthcare investors, Koda Health is now planning to broaden its product offerings and impact on patient care.

Koda Health CEO Tatiana Fofanova said: “In just a few years, we’ve built out a product that now serves well over 700,000 patients nationwide for industry giants like Cigna, Privia and Houston Methodist.

“While we’re well-equipped to meet these clients’ needs, we’re also signing new partnerships with major health care providers at an exciting rate.

“This round of funding will help us maintain the quality that our clients expect at new and unprecedented scales.”

Launched in early 2020, Koda Health is a B2B enterprise SaaS solution designed to simplify proactive healthcare planning and documentation.

The founding team initially connected through the Texas Medical Center’s (TMCi) Biodesign programme. The team was challenged to develop solutions addressing key issues within the world’s largest medical centre.

Furthermore, Memorial Hermann is partnering with Koda Health on a pilot project.

Memorial Hermann chief strategy officer and executive vice president Feby Abraham said: “We believe investing in Koda Health will give patients the tools to make sure their wishes are carried forth and the burden is removed from their families to make those decisions.”

In early 2022, Koda Health received $3.5m in a Seed round led by Ecliptic Capital to help launch its advance care planning platform across the US.