Kerecis® has been included in the FT1000 list of Europe’s fastest growing companies. The medical-fish-skin company ranked fifth in the healthcare and life sciences category–and 246th overall–in the seventh annual list compiled by the “Financial Times.” This is the first time that Kerecis has been included in the prestigious list.

Kerecis is pioneering the use of sustainably sourced fish skin and fatty acids in cellular therapy and tissue regeneration and protection. The company, which is headquartered in Iceland, derives most of its revenue from the United States with growing operations in Europe and Southeast Asia.

“This recognition is a tribute to the outstanding work of the Kerecis team and our greater community of medical professionals,” said Fertram Sigurjonsson, founder and CEO of Kerecis. “It is also a recognition of how our patented medical-fish-skin products are improving the lives of patients every day.”

The Financial Times 1000 list ranks the European companies that achieved the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2018 and 2021.

In that timeframe, Kerecis experienced a compound annual growth rate of 94.6% (for an absolute growth rate of 636.5%) and grew from 59 employees to 196 employees. The Kerecis story began in 2007 when the company founder Fertram Sigurjonsson began entrepreneurial projects in the medical devices field. The company is the only Icelandic company to make the list. Revenue derives mainly from sales to U.S. hospital operating rooms where the intact fish skin is used in surgical procedures.

About Kerecis

Kerecis develops products from fish skin and fatty acids for cellular therapy, tissue regeneration and protection. When grafted onto damaged human tissue or implanted, the patented material recruits the body’s own cells and ultimately is converted into living tissue. Because no disease-transfer risk exists between cold-water fish and humans, the Kerecis fish skin is only gently processed and retains its similarity to human tissue. The gentle processing preserves the skin’s original three-dimensional structure, maintaining its inherent natural strength, complexity and molecules (such as fatty acids). Clinical studies have found that the Kerecis products heal wounds faster than competing products. Kerecis is the only approved manufacturer of medical devices containing intact fish skin globally.

It is the fastest-growing and one of the top six companies in the U.S. biologics-skin and dermal-substitute market, according to SmartTRAK Business Intelligence. Kerecis’ expanding product portfolio includes SurgiBind®/SurgiClose®, which are used for reconstructive surgery in hospital operating rooms; GraftGuide®, which is mostly sold to burn centers; and MariGen®, which is sold to healthcare facilities to treat diabetic and other chronic wounds.

Kerecis is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The fish skin used in Kerecis products derives from wild and sustainable fish stock caught in pristine Icelandic waters and processed with 100% renewable energy in the town of Isafjordur, close to the Arctic Circle. For more information, visit

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