InSilicoTrials – a leading provider of artificial intelligence and simulation tools for drug and medical device development, and IBSA Group – one of the major players worldwide in the fields of Reproductive Medicine and hyaluronic acid-based products, have partnered to revolutionize drug development processes using in silico medicine.

At the heart of the collaboration between the two companies lies the in silico approach, which involves the use of various computational tools, such as computer simulations and mathematical models, to study biological systems at different levels, from the molecular to the cellular level and even at the organism level. In silico techniques can provide predictions about toxicity, efficacy, optimal dosing strategies and study design, and are currently employed by pharmaceutical companies to guide the different stages of the drug development process, from discovery through the nonclinical and clinical phases, drug registration as well as to leverage post-market real-world data.

Regulatory bodies such as the FDA have encouraged the adoption of in silico techniques, with the Modernization Act – FDAMA- 2.0 bill aiming to streamline drug regulation and bring safe medical products to market faster. The bill allows the use of alternatives methods to animal testing, such in silico testing, before or during the clinical trial phase. In silico studies have emerged as a new model of clinical trials, using algorithms to create computer models and provide clinical data without resorting to trials on living beings or in test tubes.

IBSA, which has made innovation one of its pillars, partnered with InSilicoTrials with the objective of evaluating the application of in silico medicine in specific therapeutic areas such as pain and inflammation, osteoarticular, and reproductive medicine. The collaboration between the two companies has the aim of reducing working times, lowering research costs, and implementing effective therapeutic solutions in less time, positively impacting healthcare expenditures.

InSilicoTrials’ advanced computer simulations offer an innovative and cost-effective approach to drug development, generating valuable evidence for internal decision-making and regulatory submissions and reducing the need for costly and time-consuming clinical trials. This cutting-edge technology can increase the quality of life of millions of patients bringing innovative drugs to the market in a shorter time, together with personalized cures and new solutions for rare diseases.