Greenspace's measurement-based care platform will integrate with Welligent's cloud-based EHR software for behavioural health.

Greenspace Health has partnered with Welligent, which is part of the ContinuumCloud spectrum of solutions, to provide an integrated platform that will empower behavioural health providers.  

This partnership will incorporate Greenspace’s measurement-based care (MBC) platform into Welligent’s cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) software, tailored for behavioural health services. 

The integrated platform will offer a library of assessments and detailed results dashboards, enabling providers to measure and assess care quality. Credit: Wright Studio/

Greenspace’s MBC is an evidence-based platform, recognised for improving patient results and generating valuable data that can be used to improve the quality of care. 

The company claims that more than 500 hospitals, community and private clinics, and healthcare systems have currently implemented its MBC solutions, witnessing significant improvements in patient experience and care coordination.  

The integration of Greenspace’s MBC platform into Welligent’s EHR system is designed to enhance treatment outcomes and client engagement, giving health providers a tool that combines evidence-based practice with seamless data management.  

In addition, it is said to streamline provider workflows and elevate the standard of care delivered. 

The integrated platform will offer a library of assessments, as well as detailed results dashboards, enabling providers to measure and assess care quality while facilitating improved client engagement and outcomes throughout the treatment process. 

On an organisational level, the integration will provide real-time visibility into treatment progress and the ability to demonstrate continuous outcome improvement.  

This is expected to be a key advantage for provider organisations in the context of value-based care payment models and contract negotiations. 

The initial launch of the integrated platform is underway across select Greenspace and Welligent partners, with a full roll-out to all shared partners scheduled throughout this year.  

Greenspace CEO Jeremy Weisz said: “Having access to robust data to operationalise their approach to value-based care contracts was a priority for the Welligent team. 

“This integration delivers clear insights into customers’ performance against treatment targets and will empower care teams to make timely treatment adjustments that enhance their quality of care for all clients.”