GE HealthCare has partnered with OSF HealthCare, an integrated health system, and healthcare management and non-clinical shared services company Pointcore to advance patient care.

The partnership is intended to boost clinical and operational efficiencies, standardise care delivery models and enhance patient outcomes across OSF HealthCare.

It will combine GE HealthCare’s expertise and technology with Pointcore’s experience in the management of nonclinical matters for hospitals and clinics.

The collaboration also aligns with OSF HealthCare’s mission to provide care to patients in the communities they serve.

GE HealthCare US and Canada president and CEO Catherine Estrampes said: “OSF HealthCare, Pointcore and GE HealthCare are doing this together through integrated technology, digital solutions, advanced analytics and dedicated clinical and operational specialists.”

Under the partnership, significant investment will be made in new technology systems, digital tools, resources, and service and support for a range of care areas, including nuclear medicine, oncology, and radiology.

The alliance will drive healthcare technology management services and support the management of OSF’s medical equipment effectively.

An investment will be also made in innovation that uses the latest analytics to simplify capital management and allow OSF HealthCare to reinvest in care for patients.

Under this strategy, the integrated health system will use the most recent version of GE HealthCare’s Digital Expert Access with remote scanning.

This is the first device to receive marketing clearance in the US and enable remote patient scanning on GE HealthCare MRI machines.

Additionally, the three companies are planning to assess ways to increase patient access to individualised treatment for more patients.

The collaboration will focus on improving precision care in oncology via the identification of clinical and technology options that can expedite integrated cancer care at OSF HealthCare.

This includes the creation of avenues for radiation oncology and Theranostics to provide accurate, individualised treatment for patients with diseases like prostate cancer, using tailored solutions.

OSF HealthCare Integrated Solutions and Pointcore CEO Jim Mormann said: “It is in direct alignment with our Mission to serve with the greatest care and love to all the communities we have been called to serve and aims to allow our patients to have access to the best care possible.”

In 2024, collaboration will commence in the spring of this year with the opening of the OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute in Peoria, Illinois, US.