Forcura, a healthcare workflow management company, is joining forces with Amazon Web Service (AWS) for delivering generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to accelerate patient care transitions.

In this connection, AWS has been selected by the Florida-based Forcura as its preferred cloud and AI services provider.

The healthcare workflow management company debuted its first generative AI capability, the referral summary, in April.

Referral summary instantly summarises a patient referral packet, delivering crucial patient details in a clear, easy-to-read format that can be easily shared within Forcura’s platform and in the electronic health record (EHR) or patient record.

The tool consolidates extensive inputs such as the patient’s clinical status, ordered services, certifying physician, payer, and referral source, that are traditionally spread across hundreds of pages.

These information now appear with a single click in a streamlined and accessible format due to Forcura’s transition of the referral summary model from OpenAI to Amazon Bedrock.

Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that provides a selection of foundation models (FMs) from AI companies through a single API.

It offers capabilities for developing generative AI applications focusing on security, privacy, and responsible AI practices.

It is GDPR compliant and HIPAA eligible, ensuring data encryption both in transit and at rest while protecting client data from underlying models.

Using Amazon Bedrock, Forcura plans to evolve its existing features and introduce new functionalities. It will streamline the administrative tasks involved in admitting new patients to care and preparing personalised care plans.

The company said that the approach allows healthcare providers to expedite their intake processes and deliver care to patients in the home sooner. Additionally, it will improve patient satisfaction, enhance outcomes, and reduce risks like degrading medical conditions, rehospitalisation, and overall healthcare costs.

Forcura founder and CEO Craig Mandeville said: “No one company can by itself overcome the administrative burdens and financial challenges post-acute providers face today.

“It’s why relationships like the one we’re building with AWS are paramount not just to our success, but to truly advance our clients’ ability to deliver the best possible care to as many people as possible and empower people to safely age in their homes.”