US-based medical technology company Exactech has announced the completion of the first total knee replacement surgeries using its updated ExactechGPS hardware.

The new-generation hardware comes with enhanced system responsiveness and connectivity, and ultra-fast proprietary active tracker technology.

Powered by Active Intelligence, the GPS technology features enhanced active tracker technology and a modernised touchscreen interface.

It enables rapid and effective two-way intraoperative communication for accurate, real-time analytics throughout total joint replacement surgery.

The first surgeries using new-gen ExactechGPS were performed by Corey Jackson at Genesis HealthCare System in Zanesville, Ohio.

Jackson said: “Exactech GPS provides real-time personalized insights for optimal patient outcomes.

“The compact screen and active trackers seamlessly integrate into the operating room, enhancing efficiency and performance without the hassle of an expensive and burdensome capital purchase process and associated perpetual service fee agreement.”

The next-generation GPS features a large, high-resolution screen and integrated capacitive technology for enhanced responsiveness, and auxiliary display connectivity.

It enables high angular visibility throughout the surgical space, with precision and accuracy.

The compact tracker design of the system is said to optimise performance and minimise obstruction in the surgical space and the impact of fluid or blood interference.

It enables the capture of hundreds of data points per second through its ultra-fast calibration and frame rate and provides detailed pre- and postoperative case reports for surgeons.

Furthermore, the system requires no capital cost purchase process and features reusable and recyclable active trackers for easy adoption in hospitals and ambulatory surgical centres.

Exactech large joints chief marketing officer and senior vice president Adam Hayden said: “We are thrilled to unveil the next evolution of our pioneering GPS technology that has already made a profound impact on over a hundred thousand patients around the world.

“The system enhancements and modernized trackers, combined with a powerful platform of software, underscore our continued pursuit to improve patient outcomes through our innovative ecosystem of smart solutions.”