On 5 May 2023, France reported an increase in cases of severe neonatal sepsis associated with Enterovirus (Echovirus-11 (E-11)). A total of nine cases of neonatal sepsis with hepatic impairment and multi-organ failure with seven deaths were reported between July 2022 and April 2023 from four hospitals in three regions of France. As of 26 June 2023, different cases have been reported in countries in the European area (1 Croatia, 7 Italy, 2 Spain, 5 Sweden and 2 in UK).

Echovirus 11 (E-11) belongs to the genus Enterovirus. Like other enteroviruses, E-11 infections are associated with a wide spectrum of illnesses, ranging from mild nonspecific symptoms to systemic disorders such as rash, febrile illness to severe neurological disorders, including meningitis, encephalitis and acute flaccid paralysis (AFP). The main concern is that Echovirus 11 (E-11) can cause severe illnesses in neonates and infants, with high morbidity and mortality. This virus can be transmitted vertically from mother to child, increasing the difficulty of controlling infections. The infections can cause severe inflammatory illnesses in neonates, including severe acute hepatitis with coagulopathy.

Globally, there is no enterovirus surveillance programme. It is therefore difficult to estimate the extent of the current severe neonatal E-11 infections or background rates for circulation of E-11 viruses in the population. Without enterovirus surveillance, only the most severe cases will probably be detected through active efforts to test and type specimens from such cases. As non-polio enterovirus infection is often not a notifiable disease, additional cases of severe neonatal enterovirus infection may have gone undiagnosed and/or unreported.

The VIASURE real-time PCR kit for Rhinovirus + Enterovirus is designed for specific identification and differentiation of Rhinovirus and/or Enterovirus. The primer/probe design allows for the detection of Enterovirus (Echovirus-11 (E-11)), enabling early and accurate diagnosis of this viral infection. The qPCR (real-time PCR) technique is highly sensitive and specific, ensuring reliable and precise results in short periods of time.

The VIASURE kit offers significant advantages in diagnosing Rhinovirus and Enterovirus infections. By specifically detecting Echovirus-11, it helps distinguish it from other members of the Enterovirus family, ensuring a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of the infection. Early detection of Echovirus-11 is crucial for taking appropriate and timely actions in the clinical management of affected patients. This includes identifying outbreaks, isolating and properly treating affected cases, and monitoring the spread of the virus to implement effective control and prevention measures.

Furthermore, the ability to differentiate between Rhinovirus and Enterovirus is valuable as these two virus families may present similar symptoms, but their clinical implications and treatments may differ. An accurate diagnosis allows for more personalized and appropriate medical care for each patient.

In summary, the VIASURE Real-Time PCR kit for Rhinovirus + Enterovirus is an invaluable tool for rapid and accurate diagnosis of viral infections, especially in Echovirus-11 cases, and significantly contributes to effective public health management and medical care.