US-based AI-powered software solutions provider CluePoints has unveiled two new advanced, deep-learning technology solutions to improve clinical trial experiences.

The new solutions will provide Sponsors and CROs with a way to conduct clinical research and detect and manage risks that could impact clinical trial outcomes.

CluePoints said that the new tools enhance risk-based quality management (RBQM).

Site Profile and Oversight Tool (SPOT) solution enables adaptive site monitoring, allowing teams to rapidly pinpoint anomalies and translate insights into strategies and actions.

It allows sponsors and CROs to improve their ability to evaluate the performance of clinical trial sites and adjust site visit plans while accurately balancing risk and resource workload.

Intelligent Medical Coding tool will further simplify the processes by harnessing advanced deep-learning technology to improve accuracy and efficiency in clinical trials.

It can be easily integrated with existing systems to offer precise, AI-generated coding suggestions, reducing the need for manual dictionary searches and expensive coding reviews.

CluePoints said that more than 9,500 users are engaged with its enterprise platform, which de-risked around 1,600 studies, detecting more than 142,000 issues.

CluePoints CEO Andy Cooper said: “DIA offers the perfect opportunity to share with the industry our latest disruptive and innovative solutions that address key challenges within traditional clinical research methods.

“Unveiling two new products that leverage next-generation AI will transform how CluePoints is viewed in the industry, as we enhance our enterprise-wide solutions to reach new levels of accuracy and efficiency to both improve clinical trial performance and deliver greater insights to further mitigate risk.

“Our early adopters are already raving about how valuable they are finding both product offerings and we are excited to showcase how they will shape future processes and embody our brand promise to ‘turn artificial intelligence into human intelligence.”