Clinigen, a UK-based pharmaceutical and services company, and CHEPLAPHARM Arzneimittel, a Germany-based family-owned pharmaceutical company, have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for chemotherapy products Etopophos and Vepesid in Australia and New Zealand.

In August 2018, CHEPLAPHARM has acquired the global rights for the products Etopophos and Vepesid from Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS).

Clinigen Group commercial medicines senior vice president Benjamin Miny said: “This agreement is in line with our in-licensing strategy in Commercial Medicines to focus on value-added oncology products and to partner with pharmaceutical companies to distribute and provide access to their products utilising our global infrastructure.

“CHEPLAPHARM is an important partner in Australia and New Zealand and these products are a fantastic fit for our portfolio. The agreement will provide healthcare professionals in the region with access to important treatments for their patients.”

CHEPLAPHARM selected Clinigen to distribute Etopophos and Vepesid

Following the transfer of rights, CHEPLAPHARM is manufacturing and distributing and products and is planning to supply and provide access to the medicines for patients.

It has selected Clinigen to distribute Etopophos and Vepesid based on its extensive infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand as part of its network of exclusive cooperation partners.

Etopophos and Vepesid are etoposide products, a drug which is included on the World Health Organization Model List of Essential Medicines and is considered an essential medicine for priority diseases.

Etopophos and Vepesid are currently approved for the treatment of small cell lung cancer if used in combination with other approved chemotherapeutic agents as first-line treatment, Hodgkin’s Disease, Malignant (non-Hodgkin’s) lymphomas (histiocytic variety), and acute non-lymphocytic leukaemia.

In addition, the medication is used in the treatment of Testicular tumours in combination regimens for the treatment of refractory testicular tumours, where Etopophos is also indicated as part of first-line combination regimens for the treatment of testicular tumours.

In October 2018, Clinigen has acquired CSM, a specialist provider of packaging, labelling, warehousing and distribution services, with sites in the US and Europe, and iQone, a specialist pharmaceutical company in Switzerland.