The fusion of Clario’s innovative endpoint technologies and CellCarta’s sample management expertise offers a single-vendor solution for imaging and histopathology in clinical trials, advancing industry standards.

Clario, a healthcare research technology company that delivers the leading endpoint technology solutions for clinical trials, proudly announces a strategic partnership with CellCarta, experts in integrated sample management and specialized laboratory services. Together, Clario and CellCarta are set to make significant strides in improving clinical trial sample handling, ensuring seamless operations and unprecedented access within Clario’s innovative platform.

This partnership aims to streamline the handling of tissue and samples and subsequent digitization in support of clinical trial endpoint generation across multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology, hepatology (e.g., NASH), and gastroenterology (e.g., UC and Crohn’s). The collaboration also provides several options for sites to submit pathology data/samples, including fixed tissue, tissue blocks, glass slides or whole slide images. This flexibility increases the number of sites that could potentially participate in pathology-related trials, removing limitations surrounding the availability of local histopathology support staff or equipment. Additionally, due to CellCarta’s detailed SOPs (standard operating procedures), maintained across their multiple geographic locations, samples are processed and digitized in a consistent manner using certified equipment, reducing potential quality issues and minimizing variability in centralized assessments.

“This collaboration brings together Clario’s cutting-edge scientific expertise and unrivaled clinical trial endpoint solutions with CellCarta’s unparalleled sample processing and management expertise,” noted Dr. Joyce Suhy, Executive Vice President, Medical Imaging and Specialty Solutions at Clario. “This partnership advances Clario’s ability to support histopathology studies, providing our customers with full visibility for biopsy sample logistics and significantly accelerates delivery of centralized assessments for eligibility and efficacy endpoints.”

CellCarta’s clinical trial sample management offers kit provisioning and sample accessioning, processing, digitization, and quality control. Features such as the automated and secure transfer of digitized pathology images from the CellCarta portal to the Clario portal avoid delays related to manual download and upload. Additionally, the review of whole slide images occurs within the Clario web-based 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platform, eliminating the need to download and review in a 3rd party software and providing accelerated centralized assessments.

The fusion of Clario’s healthcare research technology and scientific expertise with CellCarta’s specialized precision medicine laboratory services significantly improve Clario’s ability to support histopathology studies. Customers no longer need to contract with multiple vendors for studies that require pathology; Clario can support assessments from MRI, CT, PET, etc., and pathology within a single platform for a given study. With a global footprint and the capacity for regional support, this partnership empowers customers with comprehensive, single-vendor solutions that transcend industry standards.

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