We are experiencing a change of era. While still emerging from the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we have encountered new unexpected difficulties which have forced us, once again, to give the best of ourselves as a company, as professionals and as individuals. Certest is well aware of this, and approaches the future with optimism, knowing that this is the moment to sustain efforts and to continue backing the concepts which have defined the company right from the start; concepts such as service, responsibility, confidence and, of course, research.

For Certest, as the company has stated on numerous occasions, the recent years of the pandemic have been a turning point that have most certainly made it better in every sense. The company has demonstrated that, in extreme conditions, it is able to make every effort for a common goal, to offer a response equal to the extraordinary circumstances and, of course, to always look after its best and most important asset: confidence. The confidence of customers, suppliers and partners.

But Certest does not stop there. Certest is much more:
• More people working for you.
• More facilities.
• More R&D.
• More and better products and solutions.
• In short, closer to you.

Our claim More than Diagnostics expresses the company’s ambition to continue growing and advancing towards
an exciting future, full of great successes, without forgetting our main focal point: people’s health.
More than Diagnostics!