US-based integrated virtual patient care solutions provider CareView Communications has unveiled Software Version 5.12, its latest patient safety and care technology.

The updated software solution comes with Virtual Room Rails, a new feature that supports monitoring of elopement risk patients using computer vision.

It alerts staff when patients approach an exit and are at risk of leaving the room.

The Software Version 5.12 includes native integration with Spok, allowing virtual sitters to communicate with unit staff at the push of a button, improving patient safety.

CareView recently added the integration feature, which enables hospitals to leverage their existing infrastructure.

CareView chief product and technology officer Derek del Carpio said: “Our team is excited to announce the release of Software Version 5.12, as it reflects our commitment to the evolving needs of the health systems we serve.

“Working with our hospital partners, we’ve designed and incorporated many new features that will positively impact patient safety and care.”

The updated patient care software comes with the company’s Patient Observation Documentation Module, which enables the staff to visualise and document patient information.

The module easily integrates with CareView’s SitterView client and allows staff to document vital information about patient behaviour without compromising visibility and patient safety.

CareView said that the company will continue to collaborate with healthcare providers to enhance patient safety, streamline clinical workflows, and improve overall patient care.

The latest software release strengthens its goal of collaborating with hospital partners to create advanced virtual care solutions, said the virtual patient care solutions provider.