Calyx / Invicro has teamed up with Michigan-based BAMF Health to advance the clinical translation of radioligand therapies (RLT) and immuno-oncology (IO) agents.

It will combine Calyx / Invicro’s radiochemistry and imaging biomarker solutions with BAMF Health’s advanced radiopharmacy facility.

The facility supports a range of alpha, beta, and gamma agents, and molecular imaging and therapy clinics.

The partnership will address challenges due to broken service ecosystems, which led to duplicative efforts, slow knowledge transfer, and prolonged development timelines.

It includes the actinium-225 initiative, for which TerraPower is supplying actinium-225, and BAMF is leveraging its GE HealthCare StarGuide SPECT/CT and dosimetry expertise.

The project aims to enhance the study and application of actinium-225 in RLT.

Through this partnership, Calyx / Invicro and BAMF Health aim to address key hurdles in the clinical translation of radioligand and immuno-oncology treatments.

The combined efforts will help advance the therapies, raise oncology care standards, and ensure faster access to promising treatments for patients, said Calyx / Invicro.

Calyx / Invicro COO Edward Hogan said: “The success of Calyx / Invicro’s translational model in the CNS field, demonstrated at our London and New Haven clinics, shows the effectiveness of an integrated service approach.

“We believe our partnership with BAMF Health will bring the same level of innovation and acceleration to oncology.”

BAMF Health clinical trials director Dan Rogers said: “Combining our strengths with Calyx / Invicro allows us to tackle the unique challenges of developing radioligand and immuno-oncology therapies.

“This collaboration is set to enhance and speed up the development process, towards our mission of making precision medicine available and affordable to everyone.”