With the CMOS Edition, the highly successful and proven SKYSCAN 2214 platform now incorporates the latest scientific CMOS (sCMOS) detector technology and brings cutting-edge X-ray imaging at highest resolution to the next level.

SKYSCAN™ 2214 CMOS Edition – latest nanoscale 3D X-ray microscope for a multitude of industrial and scientific applications

SKYSCAN 2214 CMOS Edition retains the innovative, modular design that accommodates up to four detectors, allowing users to select at the touch of a button the most appropriate detector for their samples and applications. This unique design now encompasses a 6 Megapixel (Mp) flat panel and three optimized 15/16 Mp sCMOS detectors. They provide an unrivalled field of view for the respective true 3D resolution down to the 500nm range. In addition, the new sCMOS detectors excel at imaging high- and low-density features in the same object thanks to their large dynamic range and ultra-low noise.

The user-friendly, comprehensive 3D.SUITE software for straightforward data collection, advanced image analysis, and powerful visualization complements the SKYSCAN 2214 CMOS Edition. This powerful software suite includes advanced capabilities such as spiral scanning with exact reconstruction for artifact-free imaging of planar features and variable rotation step tomography for more efficiently scanning of high aspect ratio objects. Furthermore, phase retrieval algorithms for propagation-based phase contrast X-ray imaging can reveal features that would otherwise remain hidden when using only absorption contrast imaging.

SKYSCAN 2214 CMOS Edition is designed for low maintenance, thus enhancing system uptime, and reducing cost of ownership.

Dr. Geert Vanhoyland, the Bruker AXS Product Line Manager for 3D X-ray Microscopy, commented: “The proven ultra-high-resolution nano-CT capability of SKYSCAN 2214 CMOS Edition is a key enabler to state-of-the-art material science such as the development of light-weight high-strength composite materials. The substantially larger field of view of the sCMOS detectors provides a statistically relevant view at highest resolution in porous materials such as foam structures. Other contemporary research fields, such as fuel cells and other energy storage devices, particularly benefit from the further improved image quality achieved with the new sCMOS detectors.”

Dr. Kjell Laperre, the Bruker BioSpin Micro-CT Market Product & Applications Manager, added: “The SKYSCAN 2214 CMOS Edition supports advances in preclinical imaging as well. The extended field of view of the sCMOS detectors combined with true high resolution allows a wide range of samples to be imaged ex vivo, offering artifact-free analysis of mineralized as well as soft tissues, e.g. in bone and dental imaging, lung imaging or tumor vascularization. This top-of-the-line nano-CT system is also the ultimate tool in the growing fields of plant and animal biology, where very small objects can be studied with extreme detail.”