German pharmaceutical and life sciences company Bayer has launched the MEDRAD Stellant FLEX Computed Tomography (CT) Injection System through the TechCARE programme.

Bayer said that the Stellant FLEX is designed based on the latest CT injection technology with a user-driven design, very little technologist training and automation to provide individualised patient protocols, personalised imaging and flexible options through the TechCARE programme.

Bayer Americas region radiology head Dennis Durmis said: “For more than 30 years, Bayer has supported the changing needs of radiology departments through groundbreaking advancements in injector, informatics and service innovations, ultimately allowing for improved patient care.

“The automated capture of contrast and injection parameters with Stellant FLEX reduces the number of manual tasks and potential errors, while TechCARE allows radiology suites to maximize their CT equipment investment for the long term, giving them more time to focus on helping their patients and less time focused on equipment servicing.”

MEDRAD Stellant FLEX CT Injection System will address clinical and financial challenges

The new Stellant FLEX is offered in 150mL and 200mL syringe sizes, with new beacon technology for easy visualisation of fluids, syringe size barcode identification, lot and expiry date information, and provides increased accuracy and contrast barcode reader for automation of documentation.

The company said that the US healthcare environment has been changing, with an overall decrease in capital funding, and the new injector is expected to help reduce the operational budgets for hospitals and maintain quality in patient care.

In addition, the Stellant FLEX would help institutions maximise their CT investment, through combining Bayer’s full service coverage with two hardware upgrades over a three-year contract.

Bayer’s TechCARE programme is set to prevent hardware obsolescence, safeguard equipment performance and avoid service interruptions.

Salem Regional Medical Centre SRMC operations supervisor and PACS administrator Andrew Clark said: “Upgrading to the next generation CT injection technology with Bayer’s Stellant FLEX has allowed us to streamline workflow operation.

“The new features have reduced documentation errors, there is little training needed for our technologist to use it, and we couldn’t ask for a better sized syringe to be developed. All of the new features combined make it a robust platform that covers all of our needs.”